Vitality T20 Blast 2020 Today Match Prediction & Who Will Win?

Vitality T20 Blast will start from 27 August to 03 October 2020. There is a total of 18 teams divided in 2 groups. Here you will get toss prediction, today match-winner, dream11 team for Vitality T20 Blast 2020.

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Both groups (North & South) have 9 teams.


Vitality So you can say Vitality T20 Blast 2020. This is 4th time that Vitality is title sponsor for T20 Blast.

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Broadcast Details

CountryTV Channel
IndiaSony Six
PakistanTen Sports
UAETen Sports
USAWillow TV
AustraliaFox Sports
South AfricaSuper Sports
New ZealandSky Sports
AfganistanLEMAR Tv

Total: 76 Pass: 41 Accuracy: 41/76 or 54%

2020 Vitality T20 Blast Today Match Predicion

01 OctoberNottinghamshire Vs LeicestershireNottinghamshire
01 OctoberGloucestershire Vs NorthamptonshireGloucestershire
01 OctoberSussex Vs LancashireSussex
01 OctoberKent Vs SurreyKent
20 SeptemberNorthamptonshire Vs BirminghamNorthamptonshirePass
20 SeptemberYorkshire Vs DerbyshireYorkshirePass
20 SeptemberEssex Va SussexSussexPass
20 SeptemberGloucestershire Vs SomersetSomersetFail
20 SeptemberHampshire Vs MiddlesexMiddlesexFail
20 SeptemberLancashire Vs LeicestershireLancashireFail
20 SeptemberNottinghamshire Vs DurhamDurhamFail
20 SeptemberSurrey Vs KentSurreyPass
20 SeptemberWorcestershire Vs GlamorganGlamorganPass
18 SeptemberBirmingham Vs WorcestershireWorcestershireFail
18 SeptemberGlamorgan Vs GloucestershireGloucestershireFail
18 SeptemberLancashire Vs DurhamLancashireFail
18 SeptemberSomerset Vs NorthamptonshireNorthamptonshireFail
18 SeptemberLeicestershire Vs NottinghamshireNottinghamshireFail
18 SeptemberHampshire Vs SurreySurreyPass
18 SeptemberKent Vs EssexKentPass
18 SeptemberSussex Vs MiddlesexSussexPass
17 SeptemberLancashire Vs YorkshireLancashirePass
17 SeptemberNottinghamshire Vs DerbyshireNottinghamshirePass
16 SeptemberGlamorgan Vs SomersetGlamorganFail
16 SeptemberSussex vs SurreySussexFail
16 SeptemberYorkshire Vs DurhamYorkshireFail
16 SeptemberKent Vs MiddlesexKentFail
16 SeptemberHampshire Vs EssexEssexPass
15 SeptemberNorthamptonshire Vs WorcestershireWorcestershirePass
15 SeptemberLeicestershire Vs DerbyshireLeicestershireFail
15 SeptemberGloucestershire Vs BirminghamBirminghamFail
14 SeptemberYorkshire Vs LancashireLancashirePass
14 SeptemberMiddlesex Vs SurreySurreyPass
14 SeptemberSussex Vs EssexSussexFail
14 SeptemberHampshire Vs KentKentPass
13 SeptemberNottinghamshire Vs DerbyshireNottinghamshirePass
13 SeptemberDurham Vs LeicestershireLeicestershireFail
13 SeptemberGlamorgan Vs NorthamptonshireNorthamptonshirePass
13 SeptemberSomerset Vs GloucestershireSomersetFail
13 SeptemberWorcestershire Vs BirminghamWorcestershireFail
12 SeptemberHampshire Vs MiddlesexHampshireFail
12 SeptemberKent Vs SussexKentFail
11 SeptemberBirmingham Vs Glamorgan BirminghamPass
11 SeptemberDurham Vs DerbyshireDurhamPass
11 SeptemberLeicestershire Vs YorkshireYorkshireFail
11 SeptemberSomerset Vs WorcestershireSomersetFail
11 SeptemberNottinghamshire Vs LancashireNottinghamshirePass
11 SeptemberNorthamptonshire Vs GloucestershireGloucestershirePass
11 SeptemberEssex vs SurreyEssexFail
10 SeptemberHampshire Vs SussexSussex Pass
05 SeptemberSurrey Vs MiddlesexSurreyPass
05 SeptemberKent vs EssexKentPass
04 SeptemberSomerset Vs BirminghamSomersetFail
04 SeptemberDurham Vs YorkshireYorkshirePass
04 SeptemberNottinghamshire Vs LeicestershireNottinghamshirePass
04 SeptemberLancashire Vs DerbyshireDerbyshireFail
04 SeptemberGloucestershire Vs WorcestershireWorcestershireFail
03 SeptemberNorthamptonshire Vs GlamorganNorthamptonshirePass
03 SeptemberSurrey Vs HampshireSurreyPass
03 SeptemberMiddlesex Vs EssexMiddlesexPass
03 SeptemberKent Vs SussexKentPass
03 SeptemberBirmingham Vs SomersetSomersetPass
02 SeptemberBirmingham Vs GloucestershireBirminghamFail
02 SeptemberYorkshire Vs LeicestershireYorkshireNo Result
02 SeptemberDerbyshire Vs DurhamDerbyshireNo Result
02 SeptemberLancashire Vs NorthamptonshireNottinghamshireNo Result
01 SeptemberSomerset Vs GlamorganSomersetPass
01 SeptemberBirmingham Vs NorthamptonshireBirminghamFail
01 SeptemberMiddlesex Vs SussexSussexPass
01 SeptemberKent Vs SurreyKentPass
01 SeptemberEssex Vs HampshireEssexFail
31 AugustDerbyshire Vs LancashireLancashirePass
31 AugustNottinghamshire Vs YorkshireNottinghamshirePass
31 AugustLeicestershire Vs DurhamDurhamFail
31 AugustBirmingham Vs GloucestershireGloucestershirePass
30 AugustGlamorgan Vs BirminghamBirminghamPass
30 AugustNorthamptonshire Vs SomersetSomersetFail
30 AugustSurrey Vs EssexEssexTied
30 AugustSussex Vs HampshireSussexPass
30 AugustDerbyshire Vs YorkshireDerbyshireFail
29 AugustDurham Vs NottinghamshireNottinghamshirePass
29 AugustGloucestershire Vs GlamorganGloucestershireFail
29 AugustLeicestershire Vs LancashireLancashireNo Result
29 AugustKent Vs MiddlesexKentTied
29 AugustWorcestershire Vs NorthamptonshireWorcestershireFail
28 AugustBirmingham Vs SomersetBirmingham No Result
28 AugustSussex Vs SurreySussexNo Result
27 AugustYorkshire Vs NottinghamshireNottinghamshireNo Result
27 AugustGlamorgan Vs WorcestershireWorcestershireNo Result
27 AugustDerbyshire Vs LeicestershireDerbyshireNo Result
27 AugustDurham Vs LancashireLancashirePass
27 AugustKent Vs HampshireKentNo Result
27 AugustEssex Vs MiddlesexEssexNo Result
27 AugustGloucestershire v NorthamptonshireGloucestershireNo Result

Full T20 Blast 2020 fixtures list:

Thursday, August 27

North: Derbyshire v Leicestershire (Leicester, 6.30pm); Durham v Lancashire (Chester-le-Street, 6.30pm); Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire (Headingley, 6.35pm)

Central: Glamorgan v Worcestershire (Sophia Gardens, 6.30pm); Gloucestershire v Northamptonshire (Bristol, 2pm)

South: Kent v Hampshire (Canterbury, 2pm); Essex v Middlesex (Chelmsford, 2pm)

Friday, August 28

Central: Birmingham Bears v Somerset (Edgbaston, 6.30pm)

South: Sussex v Surrey (Hove, 2pm)

Saturday, August 29

North: Durham v Nottinghamshire (Chester-le-Street, 2pm)

South: Middlesex v Kent (Lord’s, 2pm)

Central: Worcestershire v Northamptonshire (Worcester, 1pm), Gloucestershire v Glamorgan (Bristol, 2pm)

Sunday, August 30

North: Yorkshire v Derbyshire (Headingley, 2pm)

Central: Northamptonshire v Somerset (Northampton, 2pm), Glamorgan v Birmingham Bears (Sophia Gardens, 2pm)

South: Sussex v Hampshire (Hove, 2pm); Surrey v Essex (Oval, 2pm)

Monday, August 31

North: Leicestershire v Durham (Headingley, TBC), Derbyshire v Lancashire (Headingley, TBC), Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire (Trent Bridge, 2pm)

Central: Worcestershire v Gloucestershire (Worcester, 1pm)

Monday, September 1

Central: Somerset v Glamorgan (Taunton, 6.30pm); Northamptonshire v Birmingham Bears (Northampton, 6.30pm)

South: Middlesex v Sussex (Lord’s, 6.15pm); Kent v Surrey (Canterbury, 2pm)

Wednesday, September 2

North: Derbyshire v Durham (Chester-le-Street, 6.30pm); Yorkshire v Leicestershire (Headingley, 6.30pm); Lancashire v Nottinghamshire (TBC, TBC)

Central: Birmingham Bears v Gloucestershire (Edgbaston, 6.35pm)

Thursday, September 3

Central: Worcestershire v Somerset (Edgbaston, TBC); Northamptonshire v Glamorgan (Edgbaston, TBC)

South: Middlesex v Essex (Lord’s, 6.15pm), Sussex v Kent (Hove, 2pm), Surrey v Hampshire (Oval, 6.30pm)

Friday, September 4

North: Durham v Yorkshire (Chester-le-Street, 6.30pm); Lancashire v Derbyshire (Liverpool, 2.30pm); Nottinghamshire v Leicestershire (Trent Bridge, 6pm)

Central: Gloucestershire v Worcestershire (Bristol, 2pm); Somerset v Birmingham Bears (Taunton, 6.30pm)

Saturday, September 5

South: Surrey v Middlesex (Oval, 6.35pm), Essex v Kent (Oval, TBC)

Thursday, September 10

South: Hampshire v Sussex (Southampton, 6.35pm)

Friday, September 11

North: Nottinghamshire v Lancashire (Trent Bridge, 6pm); Leicestershire v Yorkshire (Leicester, 6.30pm); Durham v Derbyshire (Chester-le-Street, 6.30pm)

Central: Somerset v Worcestershire (Taunton, 6.30pm); Birmingham Bears v Glamorgan (Edgbaston, 6.30pm); Northamptonshire v Gloucestershire (Northampton, 2.30pm)

South: Essex v Surrey (Chelmsford, 2pm)

Saturday, September 12

South: Kent v Sussex (Canterbury, 2pm); Middlesex v Hampshire (Lord’s, 2pm)

Sunday, September 13

North: Derbyshire v Nottinghamshire (Trent Bridge, 2pm); Durham v Leicestershire (Chester-le-Street, 2pm)

Central: Glamorgan v Northamptonshire (Sophia Gardens, 2pm), Somerset v Gloucestershire (Taunton, 2pm); Worcestershire v Birmingham (Worcester, 1pm)

Monday, September 14

North: Yorkshire v Lancashire (Headingley, 6.30pm)

South: Middlesex v Surrey (Lord’s, 6.15pm), Sussex v Essex (Hove, 2pm), Hampshire v Kent (Southampton, 2pm)

Tuesday, September 15

North: Leicestershire v Derbyshire (Leicester, 6.30pm)

Central: Gloucestershire v Birmingham Bears (Bristol, 2pm); Northamptonshire v Worcestershire (Northampton, 6.30pm)

Wednesday, September 16

North: Yorkshire v Durham (Headingley, 6.30pm)

Central: Northamptonshire v Worcestershire (Northampton, 6.30pm); Glamorgan v Somerset (Sophia Gardens, 6.30pm)

South: Hampshire v Essex (Southampton, 2pm); Kent v Middlesex (Canterbury, 2pm); Surrey v Sussex (Oval, 6.30pm)

Thursday, September 17

North: Lancashire v Yorkshire (Old Trafford, 6.35pm); Nottinghamshire v Derbyshire (Trent Bridge, 6pm)

Friday, September 18

North: Lancashire v Durham (Old Trafford, 6.30pm); Leicestershire v Nottinghamshire (Leicester, 5pm)

Central: Birmingham Bears v Worcestershire (Edgbaston, 6.30pm); Somerset v Northamptonshire (Taunton, 5pm); Glamorgan v Gloucestershire (Sophia Gardens, 6.30pm)

South: Kent v Essex (Canterbury, 2pm); Sussex v Middlesex (Hove, 2pm); Hampshire v Surrey (Southampton, 2pm)

Sunday, September 20

North: Derbyshire v Yorkshire (Headingley, 1pm); Lancashire v Leicestershire (Old Trafford, 1pm); Nottinghamshire v Durham (Trent Bridge, 1pm)

Central: Birmingham Bears v Northamptonshire (Edgbaston, 1pm); Worcestershire v Glamorgan (Worcester, 1pm); Gloucestershire v Somerset (Bristol, 1pm)

South: Surrey v Kent (Oval, 1pm); Hampshire v Middlesex (Southampton, 1pm); Essex v Sussex (Chelmsford, 1pm)

Thursday, October 1


Saturday, October 3

Vitality T20 Blast Teams

  1. Derbyshire Falcons
  2. Durham Lions
  3. Lancashire Lightning
  4. Leicestershire Foxes
  5. Northamptonshire Steelbacks
  6. Notts Outlaws (Nottinghamshire)
  7. Birmingham Bears (Warwickshire)
  8. Worcestershire Rapids
  9. Yorkshire Vikings
  10. Essex Eagles
  11. Glamorgan
  12. Gloucestershire
  13. Hampshire
  14. Kent Spitfires
  15. Middlesex
  16. Somerset
  17. Surrey
  18. Sussex Sharks

Vitality T20 Blast Squads

Hampshire Squad 2020

Pakistan international pace bowler Shaheen Afridi has joined Hampshire for the Vitality Blast, whilst Australian off-spinner Nathan Lyon has joined on a red-ball the only contract.

2020 Vitality T20 Blast Prediction

Ins: Shaheen Afridi (Overseas – Vitality Blast), Nathan Lyon (Overseas)

Outs: Gareth Berg (Northamptonshire)

Joe Weatherley, Jimmy Adams, George Bailey, Tom Alsop, Michael Carberry, James Vince, Ben Duggan, Rilee Rossouw, Sean Ervine, Will Smith, Liam Dawson, Asher Hart, Chris Wood, Ryan Stevenson, Jake Goodwin, Kyle Abbott, Josh McCoy, Fraser Hay, Calvin Dickinson, Lewis McManus, Mason Crane, Reece Topley, Brad Wheal, Fidel Edwards, Brad Taylor

Kent Squad 2020

Kent signed England U19 leg-spinner Hamidullah Qadri from Derbyshire, as well as Yorkshire batsman Jack Leaning on a three-year contract.

Ins: Tim Groenewald (Somerset), Jack Leaning (Yorkshire), Hamidullah Qadri (Derbyshire), Mohammad Nabi (Overseas – Vitality Blast)

Outs: Mitchell Claydon (Sussex), Adam Riley (Released)

Joe Weatherley, Joe Denly, Zak Crawley, Alex Blake, Daniel Bell-Drummond, Sam Billings, Darren Stevens, Adam Rouse, Calum Haggett, Adam Ball, Matt Hunn, Fabian Cowdrey, Matt Coles, Sam Northeast, Will Gidman, Ivan Thomas, Mitchell Claydon, Imran Qayyum, Sean Dickson, James Tredwell, Charlie Hartley, Hugh Bernard, Adam Riley, Jimmy Neesham, Yasir Shah.

Lancashire Lightning Squad 2020

As well as extending Australian all-rounder James Faulkner’s stay for a fourth Vitality Blast term, Lancashire signed New Zealand wicketkeeper-batsman BJ Watling for the first nine County Championship matches.

Ins: Luke Wood (Nottinghamshire), BJ Watling (Overseas)

Outs: Haseeb Hameed (Nottinghamshire)

Rob Jones, Liam Livingstone, Haseeb Hameed, Karl Brown, Luke Procter, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Jordan Clark, Steven Croft, Ryan McLaren, Danny Lamb, Alex Davies, Jos Buttler, Dane Vilas, Brooke Guest, Toby Lester, Stephen Parry, James Anderson, Tom Bailey, Arron Lilley, Saqib Mahmood, Kyle Jarvis, Matt Parkinson, Junaid Khan

Leicestershire Foxes Squad 2020

George Rhodes has made his move to Leicestershire permanent on a three-year deal, after initially joining on a short-term loan in 2019.

Ins: George Rhodes (Worcestershire)

Outs: Aadil Ali (Released), Neil Dexter (Released), Ateeq Javid (Released)

Harry Dearden, Paul Horton, Angus Robson, Ben Raine, Mark Cosgrove, Aadil Ali, Cameron Delport, Will Fazakerley, Colin Ackermann, Neil Dexter, Kevin O’Brien, Callum Parkinson, James Burke, Lewis Hill, Ned Eckersley, Luke Ronchi, Charlie Shreck, Gavin Griffiths, Tom Wells, Rob Sayer, Richard Jones, Mark Pettini, Zak Chappell, Clint McKay, Dieter Klein, James Sykes

Middlesex Squad 2020

Australian batsman Peter Handscomb has signed a two-year deal with Middlesex, and will take over County Championship and One-Day Cup captaincy duties from Yorkshire-bound Dawid Malan.

Ins: Peter Handscomb (Overseas)

Outs: Tom Barber (Nottinghamshire), Dawid Malan (Yorkshire), Ollie Rayner (Released), George Scott (Gloucestershire), Paul Stirling (Ireland)

Paul Stirling, Max Holden, Tim Southee, Nick Compton, Sam Robson, Ryan Higgins, Nick Gubbins, James Franklin, Adam Voges, John Simpson, Brendon McCullum, George Scott, Eoin Morgan, Robbie White, Dawid Malan, Stephen Eskinazi, James Harris, Tom Helm, Steven Finn, Ollie Rayner, Harry Podmore, Martin Andersson, James Fuller, Tim Murtagh, Ravi Patel, Nathan Sowter

Northamptonshire Steelbacks Squad 2020

Kieron Pollard, who has played the most T20 matches in world cricket with 499, will join Northamptonshire in the middle stages of the Vitality Blast. The West Indies captain last featured in the Vitality Blast for Somerset back in 2011.

Ins: Kieron Pollard (Overseas – Vitality Blast), Gareth Berg (Hampshire)

Max Holden, Ben Duckett, Alex Wakely, Rob Keogh, Richard Levi, Nathan Buck, Saif Zaib, Rory Kleinveldt, Steven Crook, Seekkuge Prasanna, Adam Rossington, David Murphy, Rob Newton, Ben Sanderson, Richard Gleeson, Graeme White, Tom Sole, Azharullah, Josh Cobb, Tabraiz Shamsi.

Nottinghamshire Outlaws Squad 2020

Returning Vitality Blast captain Dan Christian will be joined by a wealth of domestic experience including Peter Trego, who left Somerset after 14 years. Pakistan bowler Mohammad Abbas will be available for the first nine County Championship matches.

Ins: Tom Barber (Middlesex), Haseeb Hameed (Lancashire), Peter Trego (Somerset), Mohammad Abbas (Overseas)

Outs: Paul Coughlin (Durham), Nick Kimber (Surrey), Jake Libby (Worcestershire), Luke Wood (Lancashire)

Michael Lumb, Brendan Taylor, Alex Hales, Greg Smith, Billy Root, Steven Mullaney, Harry Gurney, Dan Christian, Matthew Carter, Jake Libby, Riki Wessels, Chris Read, Stuart Broad, Tom Moores, Luke Wood, Luke Fletcher, Samit Patel, Brett Hutton, Jake Ball, Ben Kitt, James Pattinson, Ish Sodhi

Somerset Squad 2020

Babar Azam, the leading runs scorer in the 2019 Vitality Blast, will return to Somerset. He’ll be joined by experienced internationals Vernon Philander (South Africa) and Matthew Wade (Australia) to replace experienced heads Peter Trego and Marcus Trescothick.

Ins: Vernon Philander, Matthew Wade (Overseas)

Outs: Tim Groenewald (Kent), Tim Rouse (Released), Peter Trego (Nottinghamshire), Marcus Trescothick (Retired), Paul van Meekeren 

Marcus Trescothick, Dominic Bess, Johann Myburgh, Tim Groenewald, Tom Abell, James Hildreth, George Bartlett, Eddie Byrom, Jim Allenby, Peter Trego, Craig Overton, Lewis Gregory, Michael Leask, Josh Davey, Dean Elgar, Ben Green, Roelof van der Merwe, Ryan Davies, Steven Davies, Adam Hose, Jamie Overton, Max Waller, Jack Leach, Tim Rouse, Paul van Meekeren, Ollie Sale, Fakhar Zaman

Surrey Squad 2020

Hashim Amla signed for Surrey after announcing his international retirement. He’ll be joined by three overseas signings including Australia’s Michael Neser, who is available for the first half of the County Championship season.

Ins: Hashim Amla, Nick Kimber (Nottinghamshire), James Taylor (Derbyshire), Reece Topley (Sussex), Shadab Khan (Overseas – Vitality Blast) Michael Neser (Overseas), D’Arcy Short (Overseas – Vitality Blast)

Outs: Arun Harinath (Released), Stuart Meaker (Sussex), Freddie van den Bergh (Released)

Aaron Finch, Kumar Sangakkara, Rory Burns, James Burke, Jason Roy, Sam Curran, Mark Stoneman, Scott Borthwick, Dominic Sibley, Gareth Batty, Arun Harinath, Zafar Ansari, Jade Dernbach, Ben Foakes, Ollie Pope, Matt Dunn, Kevin Pietersen, Mark Footitt, Freddie van den Bergh, Stuart Meaker, Amar Virdi, Mathew Pillans, Tom Curran, Ravi Rampaul, Conor McKerr

Sussex Squad 2020

Ins: Ravi Bopara (Essex), Mitchell Claydon (Kent), Stuart Meaker (Surrey), Travis Head (Overseas), Rashid Khan (Overseas – Vitality Blast)

Outs: Michael Burgess (Warwickshire), Abidine Sakande (Released), Reece Topley (Surrey)

Ross Taylor (c), Chris Nash, Matt Machan, Philip Salt, Luke Wells, Laurie Evans, George Garton, Tom Haines, David Wiese, Tymal Mills, Stiaan van Zyl, Harry Finch, Luke Wright, Delray Rawlins, Jofra Archer, Ajmal Shahzad, Ben Brown, Abidine Sakande, Will Beer, Danny Briggs, Chris Jordan, Ollie Robinson, Ed Joyce, Stu Whittingham, Steve Magoffin, Vernon Philander


Wicketkeeper-batsman Michael Burgess has made his loan move from Sussex permanent, penning a two-year contract.

Ins: Michael Burgess (Sussex)

Outs: Alex Mellor (Released), George Panayi (Released)

Worcestershire Rapids Squad 2020

As well as retaining New Zealand batsman Hamish Rutherford, Australia batsman Ashton Turner has joined for the club’s Vitality Blast campaign.

Ins: Jake Libby (Nottinghamshire), Ashton Turner (Overseas – Vitality Blast)

Outs: George Rhodes (Leicestershire)

Joe Leach, Daryl Mitchell, Ed Barnard, Ollie Westbury, Ben Twohig, Brett D’Oliveira, Ross Whiteley, Alex Hepburn, Alexei Kervezee, George Rhodes, Josh Tongue, Tom Kohler-Cadmore, Moeen Ali, John Hastings, Mitchell Santner, Ben Cox, Joe Clarke, Jack Shantry, Tom Fell, Charlie Morris

Yorkshire Vikings Squad 2020

England international and former Middlesex captain Dawid Malan replaces Kent-bound Jack Leaning, and off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin will join after the Indian Premier League.

Ins: Dawid Malan (Middlesex), Ravichandran Ashwin (Overseas)

Outs: Bilal Anjam (Released), Karl Carver (Released), Jack Leaning (Kent), Josh Shaw (Gloucestershire), Matthew Taylor (Released)

Joe Root, Tim Bresnan, Alex Lees, Adam Lyth, Jack Leaning, Harry Brook, Adil Rashid, Matthew Waite, Johnny Read, Azeem Rafiq, Matthew Fisher, Will Rhodes, David Willey, Gary Ballance, Andrew Hodd, Jonny Bairstow, Steven Patterson, Peter Handscomb, Ben Coad, Ryan Sidebottom, James Wainman, Shaun Marsh, Ryan Gibson, Josh Shaw, Liam Plunkett, Karl Carver, Jared Warner, Jack Brooks


Derbyshire have signed Australian internationals Sean Abbott and Ben McDermott, after losing England U19 international Hamidullah Qadri to Kent.

Ins: Michael Cohen (Western Province), Sean Abbott (Overseas), Ben McDermott (Overseas – Vitality Blast and One-Day Cup)

Outs: Alfie Gleadall (Released), Hamidullah Qadri (Kent), Daryn Smit (Retired), James Taylor (Surrey)

T20 Blast 2020 Stadiums Name

1.London – Lord’s Ground
2.Nottingham- Trent Bridge ground
3.Worcester- New road ground
4.Cheltenham- College ground
5.Chester-Le-Street- Riverside Ground
6.Chelmsford- County Ground
7.Southampton- County Ground
8.Leeds- Headingley Ground
9.Leicester- Grace Road
10.Chesterfield- Queen’s Park
11Canterbury- St. Lawrence Ground
12.Manchester- Old Trafford Ground
13.Birmingham- Edgbaston Ground
14.Southampton- The Rose Bowl Ground
15.London- Kennington Oval Ground
16.Hove- County Ground
17.Northampton- County Ground
18.Taunton- The Cooper Associates County Ground
19.Derby- County Ground
20.Bristol- County Ground
21.Beckenham- Kent County Cricket Ground
22.Uxbridge-Uxbridge Cricket Club Ground
23.Cardiff- Sophia Gardens

When does the Vitality Blast start?

The Vitality Blast returns on Thursday, 27 August with Gloucestershire vs Northamptonshire

The top four teams in each group progress to the quarter-finals to be played on four consecutive nights starting on 27 August.

When is Vitality Blast Finals Day?

Vitality Blast Finals Day takes place on 3rd October.

Vitality Blast 2020 North Group

Vitality Blast 2019 South Group

Vitality Blast 2019 Central Group

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