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Here in this post we have given the original Sunil Bhatia Telegram Link.

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Cricket is one such sport which is unpredictable. The result may vary at any time. The whole result and outcome of the match could be changed by just one ball. It’s an unpredictable sport. Predicting the result of a cricket match is highly impossible and the result of the match depends on the unpredictable toss. Here is the original Sunil Bhatia Telegram Link.

Sunil Bhatia
Sunil Bhatia

Sunil Bhatia is a Cricket Analyst…
Not A Fixer…

Feel the Difference.. who provides cricket betting tips, cricket results, etc with his analysis. One could approach or contact him through his telegram channel or other social websites.


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Many people are getting benefitted from his tips and he is one of the most influential people in terms of cricket betting.

Many people use to follow this could be made possible by following all the tips and predictions given by  Sunil Bhatia Telegram Link.

All forms of tips related to cricket and even the team that wins first are declared in his telegram link before the toss which helps others to place a bet and gain money. His predictions are almost accurate and predicting requires so much thinking and calculation in which Sahil Talha is an expert he is international predictor.

One could approach Sunil Bhatia through telegram. He created his Telegram account on 2015, and since his cricket tips and predictions helped many people. His telegram channel has 148699 subscribers. His post reaches almost 148.6k people on average. With these statistics, one could estimate how accurate his results are On average he uploads posts per day in his channel which are related to various cricket matches happening in various cricket leagues throughout the world.

Sunil Bhatia Telegram Link :-


ExpertFreeTips Telegram Channel :-


On average he posts about 33 posts per week. He was well known for his works in Pakistan Super League. He is also active on various other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. So if one wants to know the outcome of a match he should follow his telegram channel. He also posts updates and tips. Any update related to a match can be obtained from his first.

He is one of the best cricket predictors in this world. He provides cricket tips for the Indian Premier LeaguePakistan Super League; Dubai T10 League; Big Bash League and various other cricket leagues. According to a survey, he is the 4th most famous cricket predictor. We could also contact him through a WhatsApp number. His name Malik Bhai turned out into a trademark for cricket predictions and cricket tips. Hence if you want to place fantasy teams or place bets on the result of the match you could join his channel and get important tips and information related to the match.

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