Neteller: How to create account, how to use, full guide, Review

Quick intro of neteller

If you are hearing about the neteller and don’t have much information about the neteller don’t worry. We will give all the information about neteller from what is neteller to how to use is with ease. So read the article carefully so that you will get much idea about neteller and you will also become eligible to use neteller.

What is neteller?

Basically Neteller is a payment gateway which is worldwide accepted by more than 140 countries. Neteller is too fast, safe and cheaper payment gateway which is used for any international transaction. Neteller is best alternative to PayPal or skrill. Skrill is also same as neteller. PayPal charges you more for international payments whereas the charges taken by neteller are too low as compare to PayPal. If you are facing problems with skrill then it is also good idea to use neteller. Another good thing about the neteller is it takes too less charges if you are depositing the cash or withdrawing it to your bank.

In India, if you want to deposit cash on gambling site or any betting site then payment gateways like PayPal will not be available. So you have to use the gateways like neteller or skrill. Neteller allow you to deposit cash or withdraw it from any gambling or betting site in India but you should not have to mention that your transactions are being from/to betting or gambling site. You can use neteller to deposit and withdraw cash from many famous gambling and betting websites like Dafabet, bet365 or 88casino. You will not face any hurdle if you follow the steps given by us to use neteller in India.

 How to use neteller account in India

The main thing is that the neteller and skrill are from same company that means neteller also follows same rules and regulation that skrill follows. Neteller is international payment gateway so it is bounded with too many restrictions and rules. So while using neteller you have to follow all the guidelines that neteller applies on you. If you do all things in rules and regulation without any violation then of course, you will not get hurdle for anything. Just keep in mind that use neteller account in proper way so that it will not create problem for you in future.

How to open neteller account in India

Opening the neteller is absolutely free that means you don’t have to pay fee to open a neteller account but you have to go through some transaction for some verification processes and in such processes, the currency conversion fees may be applied by your banks. After this verification, neteller returns all the charges or that amount to your bank account. The process to open a one neteller account is too easy but you must fill all the information about you absolutely correct and genuine else it will create huge problems in future. So follow the steps given below to open a neteller account. Here we go……

Providing basic details

First go to the Click on signup and new page will be opened. This is your signup form. Keep in mind that all the information you are going to fill is accurate and don’t have spelling mistake.

Email id:

 Put your real and business email id. Ensure that email id is correct because you have to verify it.


Considering you are living in India, choose India else choose you’re preferable.


If you are going to use your neteller account for mostly gambling and betting site then choose USD as currency as it is recommended and standard currency. But if you want Indian rupees as your currency then you can even choose Indian rupee in neteller.

 Personal details:

Now you have to fill your all personal details and don’t make any spelling mistakes. Enter address as it is on any of your government document for smooth verification. You have to fill following details.

First name
Last name
Street address
Post code
Primary phone number
Security question

Now just submit and click continue button, now on next page you will be asked to remember the security question if in case you forget your account password.

Your account is created successfully.  Now it is step to verify account which is damn easy but little bit long process.  First you have to verify your email by clicking on verification link that has been sent to your email account. You have to upload your government documents like telephone bill, electricity bill, pan card, driving license etc. As soon as your neteller account gets verified, you have to deposit funds in your neteller account for final activation. Follow the next steps very carefully to know about how to transfer some funds to your neteller account in India.

How to transfer fund to your neteller account

There are much ways to transfer funds to your neteller account but we would recommend you to use ICICI bank or ABN amro bank as these two banks are associated with the neteller for hassle free transactions.

We recommend you to choose quick bank transfer as option to fund in your neteller account. It will ask to enter the amount you want to transfer to your neteller account. The minimum amount should be 30USD and maximum 5830 USD per day. Now neteller will charge you 1.75 % charges as foreign exchange fees. The amount including the fees will be deducted from your bank account. Click on continue.

Now complete your deposit by transferring funds to neteller account from your bank account using online banking or visiting your physical local bank. You must send funds within 7days else your deposit will be automatically canceled.

For online banking users, search for NETELLER as a payee under your “Bill Payments” within your online bank account. You can then send the funds directly from your bank account to your NETELLER account as a bill payee.

To ensure your deposit is processed correctly within 1 hour to 6 business days, it is important to include the Reference Number on the form that is sent to us from your bank. If you bank with the same bank as the account you are transferring to, the transaction may be completed within a much shorter time frame than if you use a different bank.

After completing the transaction and receiving your stamped deposit slip, scan it and send it to to notify Neteller that you’ve made a deposit and the money will appear in your account within two to five business days.

Now you are all set and neteller will activate your account soon. If you need any help regarding deposits then don’t hesitate to fill this form .

Some instruction for neteller users

In most cases, the Indian people uses the neteller account for gambling and betting purpose to deposit cash on these websites. While using neteller to deposit cash on gambling and betting site, don’t mention anywhere about gambling and betting. If any card provider or bank ask you about transaction then tell them something like the transactions are made for goods and services or any business payments.

Final words

SO, here we are all set to use the neteller account. We have given you all the instruction from what is neteller to how to deposit and activate your neteller account. But don’t forget that you must do all the things in rules and regulation without any violation.