Most Popular Cricket Bet Types — Guide to Betting on Cricket

Most Popular Cricket Bet Types — Guide to Betting on Cricket

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The Indian Premier League is approaching, and with millions of fans following the matches worldwide, we believe now is the right time to introduce you to the best bets you can place on these exciting matches. 

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If you’re new to online sports betting, we’re here to help you out with the basics — which bets can boost your bankroll, and how you can pick the perfect online sportsbook. 

When it comes to cricket, sportsbooks cover the most important events, and they also offer a variety of wagers to bettors. Depending on how big of a cricket fan you are, you can choose from a dozen different bets. Below, you can see the most common cricket bet types every sportsbook offers. If you don’t believe us, visit — this sportsbook will prove you wrong!

Match Bet

If you want a straightforward bet, this is the way to go. There are the three ways this bet can go — home team wins, away team wins, or it’s a draw. The match bet is among the easiest ones bettors can place and, therefore, it’s among the most popular ones.

Completed Match Bet

This bet is standard for one-day matches — you bet on whether a specific match will be completed by the end of that day or not. If you believe some factors might influence the course and length of a match, this wager is the right choice. The great thing about this bet is that you don’t have to predict exactly how long the match will last — you simply bet on “yes” if you believe the game will be finished that day, or “no” if you think it will last longer. 

Top Bowler

If you have a favorite player you want to bet on, the top bowler bet is a valid option — you simply select the cricketer you think will have the biggest number of wickets during a match. This bet is popular among avid cricket fans who know every player and follow their performance.   

Bet on Innings Runs

This bet is based on you predicting the number of runs that will happen in the first innings. Since it might be challenging to predict the exact number of runs, online sportsbooks usually offer this bet in an over/under format. You should simply choose whether the number of runs will be over or under the number posted on the sportsbook.

Top Batsman Bet

Every bet that’s related to a player’s performance rather than a general outcome of a match bears higher payouts. In this case, you need to predict which player will score the most goals in a match.

Find the Right Online Sportsbook

The selection of cricket betting opportunities depends on the online sportsbook you choose to bet with. To have a fantastic and memorable betting experience, you need to take several factors into account. 

First off, you want a licensed online sportsbook that offers an enticing welcome bonus to kickstart your betting journey. Furthermore, you need to explore the selection of betting markets to make sure your preferred sporting events are featured. Additionally, secure payment options and reliable customer support are a necessity for a safe sports betting experience. 

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