Free Market Load Cricket Betting Tips 2021: The Ultimate Guide to Market Load for Regular Cricket Betting

Market Load in India is mostly provided by the Betfair Company. It is the most genuine company to give the exact market load in cricket betting.

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You might think Market Load is all rubbish!! But trust me if you play every match according to the load, you will be plus at the end.

Know About Best Market Load Cricket Betting Tippers.

What is Market Load in Cricket Betting?

Market load is the load in which the punters or the gamblers stake more money in. Suppose a match is going on between India and Pakistan and 20k people have put money on India and 10k people have placed there bet on Pakistan, In that case load is on India as more People have staked money on India.

Teams having more load tends to loose the match as the matches are fixed by the bookies.

Types of Cricket Betting Ids Required

Basically there are Four Types of Online Betting Ids or market load cricket app:-

  • Punter Id– This is the id where gamblers stake bet. If you want to see the load then this id is useless. You can’t see the market load in Punter Id.
  • DL– These are ids operated by bookies. Punters give them money and they give an id with that money. Here you can see the market load. Not very accurate.
  • MDL– These are Master Bookies i.e. comparatively bigger than the normal bookies. They give DL ids to the bookie and share profits. You can see the market load here. They are much more effective than the market load which is shown in DL ids.
  • SMDL– These are the admin or the owner of the website. Like the owner of Betway, Betfast and Betfair. This is the best id to see the market load.

Toss Market Load Cricket Betting

Toss Market Load

In the above condition, the load is on India as the punters will be in profit if India wins the toss.

Session Market Load in Cricket Betting

Session Market Load Cricket

In the above Condition, the session market load is on 50 yes. That means most of the punters are plus on 50 and above runs. Bookies are plus on runs less than 50.

Session Market Load

There can be load on all the session when punters do yes in a session and when the session increases they do not, In that case punter makes a gap in which wherever the run stops punter wins money.

Match Market Load in Cricket Betting

Match Market Load

In the above case, the load is on Lahore as most of the punters have placed their bets in Lahore Qalandars.

Match Market Load in Cricket Betting

There can be load on both the team. This condition happens when both team comes favourite. Punters lays the non-fav team and when the non-fav team comes fav they lay the fav team.

How to open Betfair in India and see Load?

Market Load Cricket

If you want to open an account in betfair and see the market load then you need to connect to a VPN and select the Country Australia or Countries where Betfair is not banned.

Is Betfair Banned In India?

Yes you cant get access of Betfair if your are opening it from an India IP address.

How is market load calculated in cricket?

It is easy to calculate the market load. If punters are plus on team A then the load is on Team A and if Punters are Plus on Team B then the load is on Team B.

Important Things About Market Load

  1. Don’t Rely 100% on Market Load.
  2. Don’t pay anyone for getting market load.
  3. Load is useful if you get an open rate of 97p.
  4. It is useful if the load is on favourite team.

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