Trusted Lord Exchange ID|| How to Deposit, Withdrawal, And Open Account ID || Full Guide 2021

Lord Exchange id is same as other id. This is also one of the best id which you can get from bookie. Playing here is so easy and simple.

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Today, I will instruct you from the beginner level to advance, how you have to open your betting ID, and how to withdrawal and Deposit?

Note: Message us at +919027873340 to get your Lord Exchange Betting Id.

How to Create a Lord Exchange ID?

These are some sites where you cannot open the site itself if you did not deposit some minimum money. If you want to play the game you have to deposit some money.

How to Create an Lord Exchange ID?

Creating a Lord Exchange betting id is very simple.

The first message the bookie that you need a id of Lord Exchange they will provide you with username and password and in the website link you have to put the verification code given in the box so that they can check whether it is human using the mobile phone or not.

There are some types of id which you can get

There is a demo id which you will get for free but you can’t place a bet there nor you can put your own money over there, you can just try and see how your id will look if you will deposit some money. Here the updated balance will be 0.

There is a minimum id also that you have to deposit some minimum money that is 1000Rs you will get that with your name and you can play with that money simply.

Then, there comes a premium id as well which is activated when you deposit 10,000Rs your id where the minimum bet starts from 1000 rs.

Open A Lord Exchange Betting account.

If after using demo id you feel like that it is very easy to use it you can ask for a real id with some minimum amount.

To open the Lord Exchange betting account you need to follow the below rules:

  • First of all, if you do not have any Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePay, then first create these accounts, these accounts will help you to get withdrawal and deposits.
  • After this message us at 9027873340. This is a WhatsApp number you have to message that you need a betting account.
  • After messaging you have to deposit the money, how much you want to deposit it on your account (if you are depositing 5000rs in your account they will transfer 5000 points so that you can play with that and earn more)
  • After you send the money you have to wait for some time, your bookie will send you the username and password.
  • Once they send you the username password check that on the official website of Lord Exchange and put the username and password, you will find a verification code as well which you have to put, they will check whoever using the website is man or robot.

How To Play And Win?

Here playing is just easy like other IDs. If you haven’t used any id yet you can take a demo id to check how you can play here and how you can win here. After taking real id just log in to the account and use your stats and prediction to win the games.

After logging in you have to click on the In-play option, there you see the matches which are going live and you can play there. You will also find many options like tennis, Soccer, Cricket, Casino, Horse Racing, and many other things. Use your predictions to earn.

There are many other things as well which you can play here and earn money, like, TEEN PATI, 7 UP, and Down, many casino games.

If we talk about the match select the match you want to play then, After choosing any match, you can see the back and Lay amount on that specific match. Back and lay are amounts basically which you will get after winning. Back in the payment, you have a bet, and Lay is how you will get in returns after winning.

Once you win any match the amount you won will be added to your main balance and you can get that money by messaging the bookie that you need to withdraw.

How To Deposit Money In Lord Exchange?

Depositing money here is very simple and just like other id’s

  • First, you have to save this number9027873340.
  • Message on Whatsapp that you need a id of Lord Exchange. They will say whether they have it or not. And it is sure that they will be having
  • Send username to him. And then tell them how you will pay the deposit money.
  • He will send you the details of the payment
  • Then transfer the money
  • After some time your money will be added to your id.

How To Withdrawal Money In Lord Exchange?

Withdrawing money here is also simple.

You can withdraw money by messaging the bookie again. 

  • Message your bookie that you need a withdraw. 
  • Tell him your username and amount of withdrawal.
  • He will send you the money via Paytm or Gpay and from your Lord Exchange, account money will be deducted automatically.

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Final Word

Bet here to earn money and rewards. This id is best for deposit and withdrawal. All you need here is some luck and prediction. You place a bet and you can win money.

Make Sure To Deposit! Earn Money!

Message Us at 9027873340 To get Lord Exchange Id.

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