JKP VS KSS 16th July Dream11 For ECS Gothenburg T10 & Today Match Prediction


Date : Thursday, July 16, 2020

Time : 04:30 PM 1ST.

Venue : Kviberg, Gothenburg PITCH REPORT

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The batsmen have had a significant say in this tournament so far with scores above 80 being consistently put up over the last few days. However, the bowlers have extracted decent pace and bounce, which makes for a very competitive encounter on Thursday. Both teams will look to bat first upon winning the toss, with anything above 80 being a highly competitive score.



Bilal Munir, Babar Rehman, Muhammad Qasim, Naser Batcha, Samiullah lbrahimkhil, Mustafa Zabihullah, Tariq Bashir, Talha Omer, Muhammad Ismail, Riaz Khan, Muhammad Tanveer, Noman Jan, Fahim Mandozai, Bhavya Patel, Sahargul Shirzad, Mansoor Afzal, Adil Javiad, Zabiullah Zadran and Sohail Zia


Niamatullah Musleh, Bashirullah Khan, Waheedullah Musleh, Nishad Ahmad, Akmal Popal, Abdullah Shinwari, Niyazwali Zargul, Ihsanullah Wafa, Ibrahim Zahiri, Khushhal Khawri, Khaled Jan Mohammed, Faridullah Khawri, Hafizullah Shinwari, Azim Shinwari and Sajid Kha



  • R Khan, M Ismail will open the innings for JKP. R Khan must-have player experienced player has a good average of 23 also bowl, while M Ismail is a good all-round player having good hitting, also a full-time bowler.
  • N Butcha will bat at one down and is a very good player, is a good player to have in ALM vs JKP team due to his brilliant hitting abilities, and also bowl and picking wickets and scoring good runs.
  • M Tanvir, B Munir, S Shirzad, T Omer will handle the middle-order batting. M Tanvir is best if top-order fails and a good player to have hard-hitter also bowl part-time. S Shirzad is an all-round player must have a player from their side. T Omer will finish inning known for quick-hitting at the end. B Munir is a player known to play good inning whenever gets a chance.
  • B Patel, N Jain will be the opening bowler for them, S Shirzad is there strike bowler, M Ismail, N Butcha will assist them and will look to support with 1-2 overs.


  • H Shinwari, I Wafa will open the innings for KSS. I Wafa must-have player experienced player also bowl and expected to bowl in death so must-have player, while H Shinwari also a good batsman can play attacking cricket and also 1-2 overs
  • N Musleh will bat at one down and is a very good player, is a good player to have in the JKP vs KSS team will provide points through his keeping not consistant with batting.
  • B Khan, I Zahiri, A Popal, W Musleh, N Zargul handle the middle-order batting. I Zahiri is best if top-order fails and good players to have also bowl but not in every match. A Popal is an average batsman, not a great record, K Jan Mohd is hard hitter can also be promoted up the order, H Shinwari all-around player must have player from their side, known for quick-hitting at the end also bowl.
  • F Khawri, A Shinwari will be the opening bowler for them, both have very good record and will also bowl in death S Khan, K Khawri will assist them and chip with 1-2 overs and get wickets



Naser Batcha, Riaz Khan, Sahargul Shirzad, Muhammad Ismail


Ihsanullah Wafa, Ibrahim Zahiri, Faridullah khawri, Niamatullah Musleh



B Munir, T Basha, N Batcha, M Qasim, M Zabhiullah, N Jan, R Khan, M Ismail, M Tanveer, B Patel and S Shirzad


N Musleh, B Khan, W Musleh, N Zargul, I Wafa, I Zahiri, K Khawri, F Khawri, H Shinwari, K Jan and A Shinwari


R Khan, N Batcha, I Wafa

JKP VS KSS Dream11 Team

JKP VS KSS Dream11 Team

All our selections are based on in-depth and astute analysis of the players partaking in the match, pitch report and a perusal of other reasoning. Please incorporate a slew of factors while crafting your own side with this article serving as a guide to the match and players.

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