Instructions on how to win double at the dealer Fun88

While playing online betting, you may have a chance to experience a variety of different kinds of bets, including the Double Chance. In this article, Fn88pro will clearly explain what Double Chance is and how to play it.

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What is Double Chance? (DC)

Double Chance’s rule is that players will bet on two of the three possibilities of the match including winning, drawing or losing. Players can earn such a huge amount of money at Fun888 if one of those 3 possibilities happened as their guess.

Note that Double Chance is only played during 2 official periods of the football match. No extra time will count into the bet. Double Chance are denoted 1 × 2, where:

  • 1x is the home team to win or tie.
  • 2x means the away team wins or draws.
  • 12 means the home team wins or the away team wins.

To attend to Double Chance on Fun88, players only need to choose a match then bet on the possibilities that are seen as a high chance of winning. If betting on 1x, the player wins when the home team wins or the result is a tie. The 2x will win when the away team wins or draws. And 12 will win when the away team wins against the our Fun88 team.

This bet has the highest winning rate especially with matches of 2 teams with difference in force and performance. Therefore, the dual opportunity bet is very suitable for new players who do not have much experience in this online betting field.

Tips and Strategies of Fun88:

Double Chance bet will beef up the chances of players winning, because this game is designed and considered simple and has a high bet rate, so it is suitable for almost everyone who chooses to bet on with high odds of winning, which is more than 70%.

Overall, Double Chance bets are the same as when players bet on 2 doors at the same time (1 × 2), so that when the result is 1 in the 2 places the bet is the same.

The formula for the approximate formula of 1x rafters is 1 / (1 / odds +1 / odds)

The formula for the formula of rafter 12 is: 1 / (1 / odds 1 + 1 / odds 2)

The calculation of Double Chance on Fun88 is faster and more accurate when players can rely on the following pairs of events:

  • 1x with 2: A complete pair of events
  • 12 with x: A complete set of events
  • X2 with 1: A complete pair of events

From here, it can be understood that the opposites are all complete pairs of events. One more, it’s totally depending on the odds of the bookmaker places, the odds will match.

Double Chance and Betfair Rafters comparison:

  • 1x = lay 2 (betfair): markets against the away team, markets do not win, players will win the market
  • 12 = lay x (betfair): against the draw, the winner wins when the result is not in a tie.
  • x2 = lay 1 (betfair) against the home team, the homeowner who doesn’t win then the winner belongs to the player.

Example: While betting on two out of three possibilities, the Double Chance odds on Fun88 are much lower than the simple win, draw, loss bet.

You choose 1.10, Brazil wins or draws. If Brazil loses then you lose your money, no worries. If you choose 2.62, Draw or Mexico to win then you will win an amount of money that will please you; when the result is not tied, that is, Mexico wins, or the host wins. You choose 1.22, Brazil or Mexico will win when the Brazil or Mexico match wins. If the host wins, the player loses the bet.

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Double Chance is liked by many people who love to choose because of the high opportunity to win bets, with such a high amount of money. Hopefully, with the information explained and cited above will help you in the process of playing and betting with Fun88. Wish players good luck and success!

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