CBTF | Free Cricket Betting Tips by Nekraj

How to Be Safe while betting

Here are some quick tips which you must remember while betting specially from India and Pakistan:-

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1. Always play online .You can use betway,  bet365 and betfair .They are the best website .Opening process,deposit and withdrawal process are same in all 3 website.


Read more about betway in Betway Review 


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Read more about betfair.

Note:- You can also buys pre verified account from buyers.There are many buyers at Facebook who provided bet365 account with nettler.

2. Use nettler,skrill or bitcoin for financial transaction. Never use your bank account for betting purpose.This is most important.

Open a free nettler account.

Open a free Bitcoin account.

Open a free skrill account today.

Learn more about Netteler 

Learn more about Skrill

Learn more about Bitcoin.

3.Always use different Facebook account for betting purpose.don’t use your personal account because any one tag you .Now go to facebook and create another account.It will take only 5 minutes.

4.Never bet in public.

5.Never bet in your locality.

6.Never bet with your friends if possible.
7.If you like LEGAL betting then join DREAM11 or Fantasy Cricket System.
8.Never store useless tippers/punters number in your contact list.

9.Never talk this habit with anyone.Keep it private.

10.Never watch cricket match in public. Specially never watch IPL matches here.

11.Never store bank payment screenshot in your gallery .After confirmation clear all these images from your phone gallery.

12.Daily delete whatsapp chat and medias related to betting friends/tipster/punters/bookies/Whatsapp line message etc.

13.Daily clear internet history .cookies and caches.

14.If possible try to contact your bookies,punter,tipper by mail ,whatsapp or facebook message instead of calling.

15.Clear your calling history on time to time.

If you can not follow all the tips I Highly recommended to PLAY Online and having a Bitcoin or Nettler account.

Need more info about anything just comment below I will help you.

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