Fun88 Review 2021: The Betting Site Review

Fun88 is an Asian online gaming company that provides online betting services on different types of games & sports like cricket, football, tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, Ice hockey, football, etc. Fun88 Review is one of the few sites which provide betting on 25+ different types of sports. Also, you can play and bet on casinos, poker, and slots. Fun88 is powered by the famous betting exchange company Betfair.

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Fun88 Review India

Fun88 is licensed under the Isle of man and insured by an Australian Gaming associates company which is known for its different types of interactive games.

So, today I am going to review this site and I will try my best to teach you about how this site can be used to earn money.

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So let’s start by

How to register?

For registration, you have to visit the site

Then you will find a registration button at the bottom of your screen.

Click on it and fill the required registration details like your name, email, mobile number, and a username.

Note that your usernames should be unique and it must contain a mixture of numbers and alphabets.

And fill your first and last name in capital latter otherwise you will face the problem in sign-up.

After completing your registration you have to log in with your username and password.

Deposit money

Now for playing and betting on games, sports, and casinos. You must need some money in your account. And you can settle your money by Depositing it from your bank account.

And you can also get a 200% bonus on your first deposit.

So, if you want to deposit money you should follow these simple steps.

After sign up click on the deposit button presented on the bottom of your screen.

There are 7 different types of payment methods like UPI/ Net banking, Ecobanq, Astro pay.

You can deposit money from ₹500 to ₹500000. By using different types of payment methods.

After selecting a payment method fill the amount which you want to deposit.

Then complete all the steps which are asked while doing the payment.

And it will take 1 to 5 minutes to reach your deposited money to your account.

Sports Betting

Sports Betting & New Online Casino in the UK | Fun88 Review

After deposition, you can play and bet on the sports. To start betting on sports, you have to go to the sports section which is present on the left side of your screen. Click on the Fun88 Review sports.

And then you will be redirected into a new sports tab.

Then you will get all the famous sports in the top slide bar like cricket, tennis, football, and other sports.

There are also many sports that can be seen on this website which you will not get anywhere else. 

Some Important Key features

You can also search for sports by clicking on the three lines on the top of your screen. And then you will find an options bet search. You can use it to directly jump on and sport.

If you want to bet on the sports which are going to occur today. You can simply see it by clicking on three lines and then click on today’s event then you will get all the list of the sports that are going to occur on that particular day.

If you had bet on any sport and you want to check the results then you can see it by clicking on the results and then you will get all the list of the sports on which you have enrolled with its result.

Do you want to see the details of any matching which you have joined? You can use the statistics option in Fun88 Review. Statistics contain all the live details of those matches in which you have enrolled.

In the announcement section, you will get all the information & dates of the upcoming sports and events.

By going live section of sports you will be able to see all the live matches which are in progress.

How To Bet? The Fun88 Review

fun888 Review

Choose any sport in which you want to do betting like tennis cricket or football. This, you will get all the live and upcoming sports on which you can bet with the rate of back and lay of all the matches.

Then you can select the rates by clicking in it. And a notes icon will appear with the number of bets that you have selected.

Click on that and then you will see the rate that you have to pay and the rate that you will get after winning.

Then click on the place bet option to place your bet and then the required money will be debited from your account.


There are three types of Casinos that can be seen in this game are microgaming, evolution gaming, and play tech.

Micro gaming

In the microgaming, you will get three casino games which are Bonus Baccarat, Sicbo, and roulette.

When you will click on any casino game you will see all the live casinos which you can enter by clicking on the join button.


At the evolution, you will see all the live games which you can play with the rate and number of people are playing. At evolution, you can play crazy roulette, speed baccarat like games.


There are two categories for playing poker that can be seen in Fun88 Review. But poker can only be played by installing its application into your smartphone.

To install its the application your phone should have these features

• Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich

• 100 MB or greater free disk space (200 MB Recommended)

• 2 GB memory or greater (3 GB Recommended)

If yes then you can install there app and login with the same ID and enjoy Poker.


Fun88 Review

In the slot section, you can play more than 25+ interesting games and earn money.

To play these games you have click on one of the three vendors then you will get a list of all the games which you can play. Or you can search your favorite game from the search bar which is on the top of your screen.

You will also get categories like most played games, classic games, last played games, etc.

You can click on any game to start playing.

After playing any particular game you will be rewarded with some money based on you. If your score will be high you will be getting more money or in some games, you have to win to get money.

You can check and try different types of games and when any game suits you or you become pro in any game. Then play that game every time to win. But by playing the game you will get a very little amount.


Soon withdrawal your money after completing your first your minimum payout.

To withdrawal, your money clicks on the withdrawal option present on the bottom of your screen.

Then you will be asked to change a withdrawal password. This is because if you have left fun88 Review without logging out and if anytime you give your smartphone to any person and that person can withdrawal your money to his bank account. So because of it, fun88 provides a security lock for the withdrawal of your money. So because of this security lock, no one can withdrawal your money even you have left the website without logging out.

So set a withdrawal lock and then select your payment method by which you want to receive your money. You can withdrawal money from 1000 rupees to 500000 rupees.

You can use 4 different types of withdrawal options to receive your money such as bank transfer and ecoPayz.

After selecting your payment method type the amount which you want to receive and then fill the mandatory asked details. And then your money will be sent to you between 5 minutes.

Some FAQs Related To

Q.Do we can play casino in Fun88?

Yes, there are three types of casinos are present in this game. We have explained in this Fun88 Review.

Q. What is the minimum withdrawal limit of Fun88?

The minimum withdrawal limit is 1000 rupees.

Q. Does Fun88 needs some investment?

Yes, you need to invest to get results.

Q. Do I need to verify Gmail & Mobile number at the time of sign up?

Nope, you don’t need to verify it for signup but yes you need to verify it at that time when you have forgotten your password.

Q. Can I recover my password after forgetting?

Yes, you can recover your password by using your username and email or phone number.


So yes guys it’s a detailed review of the website You can use this to generate a lot of money by sitting at home. There are millions of people making thousands of dollars by using But make sure to have knowledge in that field in which you are going to bet or casino. And for a better experience, you can also download this app which is available for both Android and iOS on PlayStore & App Store.

Comment below your views regarding the fun88 Review.

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