11 Football Betting Tricks by Bookmaker 188Bet

Online football betting today is a lot of people choose because of the huge profits. But to do this need to undergo a process of accumulating experience in online football betting, in order to increase the chances of winning high.

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Here are 10 tips to play online football betting of players who rarely share, these are also valuable tips for those who want to improve their betting skills on 188BET.

Refer to odds from multiple pages:

Currently, BET88 with long-term evaluation experience on the betting market there are many different prestigious bookmakers, so each match of the bookmakers will offer corresponding odds. It is best to set up multiple betting accounts at multiple bookmakers to be able to compare the bet to make it easier. At the same time, will help you make the judgment of results in each match more accurately. Of course, 188BET is still your first choice.

Updated information related to betting bets:

For those who love the sport of football they will search for information related to that match, as well as the form of football betting entertainment, if you like, you should update the information. It is best to search for each football team against each other, the corresponding odds, the bet method, the rights and obligations of the player, etc.

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Do not place bets on many matches:

Players always think that betting on many different football teams will then increase the chances of winning. But in fact, this is completely the opposite. Because when betting on many matches there will be confusion, information about the odds in each match. At the same time, you need to spend a lot of time to calculate, think more and will also lead to bad betting situation. When confused, you will lose the bet.

Observe the Odds:

The odd movement if the odds start from 1/4 to 0 and the winnings are increased with the final odds being 1/4 then bet on the lower odds team. When the odds of 1X2 are in favor of the draw and the Asian odds increase to 1/4.

Do not rush to change bets:

If there is a player who is disqualified because he is not necessarily missing. Experience shows that often a team lacking people will play very enthusiastic thanks to a higher spirit, more determined when there are enough people.

Money management:

money management

BET88 gives advice to players when betting at 188BET is should know it is to manage and allocate extreme money in a reasonable manner. Plan on how much you can bet with a single game, if you win each time and lose there is serious damage.

Football should not be bet according to the crowd:

Do not chase the majority is one of the important online football betting experience but is misunderstood by many people. Usually, people always think that the majority will be right. Running in a crowd can expose you to certain risks.

Football betting on cycles:

Based on the sharing of betting experience recommended by experienced players, 188BET recommends that you place a periodic bet to improve your chances of winning. For sports betting as well periodic football betting is a technique of recognizing the series of games, the performance of certain teams at some reputable bookmakers.

  • There will be no specific rule to determine a certain cycle:
  • It all depends on your observations, judgment and experience over time.

Experience in choosing a betting team:

  • Choose the underdog with matches with a big team, but it is in decline, slipping for a long time.
  • Choose the underdog with the teams that have just won an important victory.
  • Only apply the underdog technique with important matches and many people interested. Keeping the mentality:

Try to keep the mentality when playing to make more accurate predictions and decisions. Control your emotions to choose the right time to add bets and when to withdraw quickly to preserve the capital. Once you are out of control, you will lose and lose money. Whether you win or lose, you need to stay mentally strong.


With the above article, hope you have received a lot of football betting experience from 188BET. Try to apply these experiences and you will soon achieve victory. Good luck

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