Who is ED HAWKINS? International Tipper?

Ed Hawkins is the three-time SJA Sports Betting Writer of the Year. He is Betting.Betfair’s cricket correspondent. He has also written two books on gambling: Bookie Gambler Fixer Spy and Sporting Chancer.

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Ed Hawkins is an award-winning sports journalist. He has twice been named the Sports Journalists Association’s Sports Betting Writer of the Year. His book, Bookie Gambler Fixer Spy was shortlisted for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year award and was Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack 2013 book of the year. He lives in London.

Ed hawkins
Mr. Ed Hawkins

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Investigative journalist/writer/anti-corruption expert.




Ed Hawkins has been a journalist for nearly 20 years. He has won the Sports Journalists’ Association Betting Writer of the Year award three times and the Wisden Book of the Year for Bookie Gambler Fixer Spy. After BGFS, which was shortlisted for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year 2013, he educated the ECB’s anti-corruption unit and advised the MCC. He is considered an expert in anti-corruption. He has written two books previously: the autobiography of Michael Holding and Sporting Chancer, which was nominated for a best new writer award. he has also been shortlisted for SJA Investigative Journalist of the year. He has written for The Times, Sunday Times and Daily Mail.


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Bookie Gambler Fixer Spy Book Written by Ed Hawkins
Bookie Gambler Fixer Spy, Book Written by Ed Hawkins


A startling and powerful journey to the very core of India’s illegal bookmaking industry that exposes the scale of corruption and the match-fixing that now runs rife throughout world cricket.

For several years Ed Hawkins made friends with India’s illegal bookmakers – men who boast turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars per cricket match – as well as the corruption officers of the International Cricket Council who are trying to shut them down. It’s a shady world and rumours abound. But then Hawkins receives a message that changes everything and he decides it is time to expose the truth behind match-fixing.

Bookie Gambler Fixer Spy is a story featuring politicians, governing bodies, illegal bookmakers and powerless players – as well as corruption, intimidation and even suicide. It is a story that touches all cricket-playing nations around the world. It is a story that every cricket fan must read. You might never again watch a cricket match without suspicion…

The Men On Magic Carpets, Book Written by Ed Hawkins
The Men On Magic Carpets, Book Written by Ed Hawkins


‘An absolute gem. Funny, incredible and brilliantly reported, in Ed Hawkins the sports world has its own Jon Ronson.’ – Will Storr

The bizarre true story about the cosmic side of sports

Ever wondered if the mind tricks used by Luke Skywalker or his Star Wars brethren were real? Ed Hawkins did. A Jedi-wannabe and sports nut, he pondered: what if a coach or athlete had tried to harness such mysterious powers? They would be unstoppable.

This set Ed off on an extraordinary adventure across the West Coast of America in search of a superhuman sports star. He discovers cosmic thinkers who, back in their 1960s heyday, believed that through the power of thought alone a superhuman could be created. One that could see into the future, slow down time and control minds. So successful were their tactics that they attracted the attention of the US government. Meanwhile in Russia their Soviet counterparts were employing equally bewildering brain power. Their goal? To win the Cold War.

And so from the 1970s and into the Eighties the underground free-thinking movement became a fully-funded state secret in an ‘inner space race’ between the US and the Soviet Union. Both sides attempting to create the perfect human killing machine. It worked. Sort of. Instead of building a super soldier, the mystics from both sides came together to preach peace and love to their political paymasters.

After the thaw, the search for the superhuman sports star began again and continues to this day. In The Men on Magic Carpets Ed goes deep into a secret network of supernatural sages and is told about a mysterious American football coach who made it to the top by teaching his players The Force. But can he be found? Will he admit to what he truly believes? And how does our intrepid author cope with his own brush with the Dark Side as the shadowy military once again attempt to use the mystical powers for ill?

The Lost Boys, Book Written by Ed Hawkins
The Lost Boys, Book Written by Ed Hawkins


From South America and Africa, kids as young as 13 are leaving poverty-stricken families for a new life in Europe, having been sold the vision of untold riches and the trappings of professional football. This is football’s slave trade – the beautiful game turned ugly.

Talent-spotted by scouts, these kids are told they could be ‘the next big thing’. But the reality is very different. Having spent their family’s life savings to join a much-hyped academy, they soon discover the academies barely exist and that they have been exploited. Only a tiny percentage of the hopefuls are chosen just to be coached for the slim chance of a professional contract; the rest are abandoned. With no money to go home – let alone the confidence to face their heartbroken families – the Lost Boys find themselves stuck in the country they have been trafficked to, with crime often their only means of survival.

From the author of Bookie Gambler Fixer Spy (shortlisted for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year award and Wisden Cricketer’s Almanack 2013’s book of the year), The Lost Boys exposes for the first time the anatomy of football’s human-trafficking scandal, the extent of the abuse, and how it ruins lives and threatens the credibility of the sport. With unique access to a charity trying to rescue and repatriate the children and a special investigative unit set up to stem the problem, Ed Hawkins gets under the fingernails of one of the most serious and heart-rending issues in sport today.

Lost Boys is investigative journalism at its best: shocking, moving, and hoping to make a real difference.

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