Dream 11 Tips and Tricks to Win More – Be the Leader!

Back then, nobody was aware of fantasy cricket. It’s surprising to note that the demand for fantasy games has abruptly raised after Dream 11.

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If you want to win, you must follow our cricket win tips in dream11 betting.

More and more people are signing up and making their fantasy cricket teams on various platforms.

However, Dream 11 is the only website at the moment where the competition is the toughest. You must have excellent knowledge and skills to survive on this platform.

Before moving further, we would like to mention that there are an infinite amount of tips and tricks to stand on top of the competition. What you need is patience, knowledge, practice, and passion.

As a professional tipper, we have discovered some life-changing tricks & tips to help you win more on Dream 11. Stay tuned to know more!


How to win almost every league in dream11: tricks and tips

Nowadays, fantasy cricket has become almost every Indian’s hobby, instead, you can call it is their business. Since dream11 was the very first fantasy playing app in India, it is also currently the most famous fantasy cricket app. In India, the prediction fantasy or you can say fantasy cricket has become too much popular and hence too many platforms are releasing their app in the market.

Many cricket expert provides free cricket tips on dream11 betting.

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But still dream11 is the best fantasy cricket platform and well-liked by Indian people. Everyone wants to win big cash in a fantasy app and to do so, they invest too much money without thinking. Already dream11 has 50million user base and growing day by day so the chances to win getting less and competition increasing. In this case, almost lucky persons win and get huge profit. Remaining users get upset or without thinking anything further, invest too much money. First thing you have to remember is that every time your prediction will not be accurate and it is totally depend upon the real players that are playing the matches. Another thing is that you need to do high level analysis for doing such prediction so that your chances to win will be more. So if you also want to earn huge money through dream11 or any other fantasy cricket platform then you must follow certain things. For this, I am explaining some tips and tricks that I personally use and most of time, it makes my huge profit. So follow these instruction specially made for you.

How to win almost every league in Dream11

Tip #1:Don’t go for grand leagues instead choose small leagues

This is very first tip if you are very new in fantasy world or you just don’t want to loss every time. Grand leagues in dream11 has huge cash prices and sometimes dream11 hold grand leagues worth 10 crore and obviously too many players also. These grand leagues mostly contains more than 1 million team and getting rank in those is absolutely a big deal. So, if you are not sure or you are just newbie to fantasy then go with small leagues that also hold in dream11.

 Small leagues contain normally 10 to 1000 teams. If you don’t want to join these leagues then you should join head to head contest. Head to head means only you and someone person play opposite to each other. Just pay contest fee and if you win then dream11 gives you prices by taking some charges. So, going with head to head contest is not a big deal and has more chances to win than grand leagues.


Tip #2 : While selecting captain and vice captain, make sure they are best in team

This is also main thing that you should keep in mind. In many fantasy apps or in Dream11, the captain that you choose gets double points and vice captain gets one and half times points than regular points. So captain and vice captain mostly impact on your score and ranks. Hence before choosing them make sure that they play well.

Sometimes many people don’t think before chossing captain and vice captain. Sometimes you choose good players but unfortunately they go to rest due to some injury or any reason. So, even after chssoig best players, you lose. To overcome this situation, follow the next instruction which will be most important to you.

Tip #3: create or edit your team after toss

It is most important factore that you must wait until the toss. The players that are ready to play is only announced after the toss. Some players get injury or for any other reason, get’s rest. So sometimes these players might be in your team and will create some problem while scoring and ranking. So it is good practice to create team after toss after you get complete list of players which are ready to play.

In some cases, weather create huge problems for some players. Like speed bowler or pacers have good advantage in rainy or cloudy season. Spinner mostly get relaxed in rainy season. So while choosing players in your team, do analysis about weather and after than,you can choose your players. Creating team after the toss makes you half war win.

My opinion about fantasy cricket

So, here we have explained all the tips and tricks that I personally use and these gave me almost 100% victories. I was also noob when I started with fantasy cricket. At very beginning, I also did many mistakes and loss some bucks. But after gaining proper knowledge, I learned to create best teams and also got little idea that where I have to invest and where to not. So you also follow these instruction, it will help you little bit, but creating team totally depends on you. Do analysis, do practice and win more. Happy predictions.

1. Play Small Leagues

Most people underestimate the power of fantasy games and often end up playing it like a gamble. In the hope of winning big, we forget the fact that fantasy games move around skills and knowledge.

Anyway, those who have just started should opt for the small leagues.

Grand leagues are played among hundreds, thousands or even lacs of contesters. When beginners join such type of leagues, they lose in a continuous manner and eventually lose the winning mindset.

Make sure that you don’t get greedy like others.

2. Understand the Importance of toss

True fans of cricket won’t even need to think about this scenario. But still, if you’re someone who has just started out with cricket for the sake of money, then you should consider toss.

In cricket, whenever a weak team bats first, it most probably loses the match. In such a case, we advice you to pick all the best bowlers from the stronger team. We said so because batsmen from the weak team tend to out way faster than the stronger team.

If we consider the opposite case, we must pick the top 5 batsmen from the stronger team. They will make more runs than anyone else.

3. What About Vice-Captain and Captain?

How do you choose your vice-captain and captain?

Yes, it’s crucial to choose a vice-captain and captain carefully. They make a lot of difference in your points.

In fantasy point system, you get almost the same points for all players.

When it comes to the captain or vice-captain, you get double or even 1.5 times points. In fact, that’s why it’s a tough task to select the best captain and vice-captain.

We recommend you to choose a captain and vice-captain from the other teams. This practice ensures you points. In case, if you select both captains from the same team, one may not bat, and you will end up losing points.

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4. Who is Best – Batsman vs. Bowler

If you go through the fantasy point system, you will notice that for each run we get 0.5 points, and for each wicket, we get 10 points.

Many people try to choose a maximum number of bowlers. Not because they can help them get high points but also for versatility.

A batsman can perform fielding and batting, but a bowler can do fielding bowling, and batting as well.

If you’re reading this guide, you must note that this point is very important.

5. Keep Yourself Updated

Almost every game has its own needs. If you play every game in the same way expecting same results, you won’t be able to win.

You will have to understand the conditions and needs of every game. Most beginners pick players based on their previous performance.

Do you know how experts choose?

They select players based on past performance, opponents, pitch, and size of the ground.

They analyze whether everything would be suitable for their players or not.

6. Keep Your Emotions Away

It’s overwhelming to neglect favourite players while making the team. Some people even select their favourite players believing that they will win for sure.

While choosing our favourite players, we forget that we are neglecting other factors too.

Along with ability, you should also keep in mind the position at which a player is going to perform.

In some circumstances, the strongest players never get a chance to play, which results in the loss of points.

Last Minute Tip

No tipper would ever tell you about this trick. Why? Well, it may collapse their business.

Listen! There’s not even a single skill that doesn’t require time and effort. You have to do experiment, research, record, and make a pattern to find out a diamond in the coal mine.

People who win huge money in a single match are not the ones who have just started out. They are the ones who have worked at the back and experimented various things.



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