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10 signs of fake tipper and how to avoid them

Hey buddy, In This Facebook, 90% Tipper are fake Or Copy paster. 

They don’t have enough knowledge about betting, betting words eg .khada , bhaw etc. 

 Yet They become tipster and charges 2000 to 5000 per match.Yet This is another thing that they don’t have good clients.

If you want proof then comment below. If you know any other fake tippers then also tell me by commenting below.

But Before we go further to find out fake tipper, let me clarify who is not fake –


  1. Whose tips goes wrong back to back eg If he has given 3 match in a day and all three failed, It doesn’t, means he is fake.Win and loss are the part of the game.
  2. Any Newbie   , Don’t think every new tipper is fake .Tipping is career for many and its an opportunity for everyone who enter in this world to make  a name and money.
  3. Free Tippers are not fake and never understand it.
  4. Who ask likes and share or comments for tips.

So now  lets start the  10 signs of fake tipper and how to avoid them .

1. They don’t enable “Comments System” at their site.

 All site that don’t Have  Comments System to comments are fake . They want to hide their reality to public/punters so they disable comments system. 
Such a people don’t want that some one comments to their site and so their fakership will show to punters. It Is very simple they loot punters by their fake screenshot and don’t want to show reality as well as they don’t have quality tips.
So sitewale post tips after match  while some don’t publish comment.

2. Fixer/Tipper/predicator –

  If you find someone at Facebook with name like tipper , fixer or predicater, cricket ,gambler,guru,boss,badshah,baap,betting  or animals name , All of them are fake.

Real tipper use their name .They make their name brands.
Some common name – Spider tipper ,lion tipper,dolphins predicator , tippers baap , guru gambler, xxx fixer, cricket tipper , ipl tipper , boss of natwest , queen /king tipper eg .


3. Those don’t have Social Profile – 
   There are many tippers who available only whats app .When you asked about their Facebook/twitter id ,they will say that they don’t create because they don’t like fb or twitter. 

But the truth is different .
“They don’t have Facebook id because they are not a genius tipper.”

4. Those who promote their tips in other whatsapp group or in other post comments –

They don’t have enough source to get punters so they use these cheap tricks to find some punters .Beware of such a tippers .

   They are fake .They will ruin your money even if They give tips for free.

5.Using other name – 

  There are many fake tippers who use other famous tipper duplicate id to get some fast fame . Never go to them and never follow them and never pay them even their  fee was cheap or high.

6. Girls Id –
    Now many male fake tippers make id of girls name to get fast attraction. 90% Girls id tipper are fake .Must  block such bitches if you have in your contact.


7.Copy Paster –
   All person who copy other tips directly or in directly are fake .Because they don’t have their own source .
    Because They don’t have brain , they copy other tips and posted for  free and ask about money after some tips.

8.Play by unlimited limit –  
    If you find anyone who gave you tips and tell you to “Play by unlimited”, “Play by Your Full Property” , Simply they are fake .They don’t care your money .They will make your huge loss. Block such tippers immediately.

9.100% Fix Tips – 
   If anyone introduce himself as he is a fixer or he has a source of fixer or they have setting with team simply they are making you fool to get cash from you.

   It is very simple If they have “Fix Tips” , What are they doing at Facebook and why are they selling .

 Punter who believe in all these shit, never ever can win in cricket betting. All these !00 % Fix Tips/Report  are tools for punters who themselves have lost money in cricket betting.



10. Every tips gave paid – 
   If there anyone at Facebook who only provide “Paid Tips ” or less than 20 % Free Tips they are fake .Real Tipper like us provide 70 % Free tips and never forced anyone to take paid service.

   Real tippers have self confidence so they don’t fear to give more than 50% tips free.

So they we have clear idea that who are fake and who are not .So let’s go further and find out how can be avoid such fake / copy-paster and choose best tippers who can make us win.




How to avoid fake tipper and choose best for you – here is 3 secret .

1. The very first thing you can  block such tippers in your contact list at whats app and Facebook   who has any one of above sign .

2. If you find anyone who gives tips by Full property ask him to “first play his property.”

3.Before paying anyone ask him about Facebook id /Page and also check he has given enough free tips.

Final Words – 

So these are my own tips/tricks to find fake tippers and avoid them .All of these tactic are based on  my own experience If you think any of above techniques don’t work or don’t apply please let me know so  I can improve this list .

Plus If you find or  being looten by any fake tippers Please tell him/her name so We can add details with your name [or without your name].

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Its time to take action. Block every such a tippers else be ready to lose in future and Also you can post about fake tippers about Facebook.

I want your words in comments, please let me know your suggestion or advice.

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