AstroPay India Review and Tutorial 2021: The Free Guide to the Best Payement Gateway

Astropay India is a payment gateway which is an effective tool for paying in Online Betting Sites. If you are looking for a safe and secure payment gateway then astropay must be on the top of your list. The best thing about Astropay is you can buy it in international websites and can fund it with Indian Rupees.

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Astropay India

It is a virtual prepaid card accepted in a number of online sites in India. Specially Online Betting sites uses it as a preferred payment method.

Astropay Card Pros

  1. Instant Payments
  2. Safe and Secure
  3. Mobile App
  4. No payment rejection unnecessarily.

Astropay Card Cons

  1. Limited Currencies
  2. No Cash Withdrawals.

Betting Sites That Support Astropay Card Deposits


Rs 9,750 Bonus

BETWAY Rs 10,000 Bonus

Who are Astropay?

Astropay is the payment gateways which are London based established in 2009. They are emerging as a popular payment provider across Asia.

The main aim of the company is to make sure users can make transactions at any international website through their local currency. They create a financial link between online business and customers.

How to get Astropay Card in India?

Astropay Card India

If you want to buy Astropay Card in India and want to fund it with Indian Rupee then follow these steps:-

  1. Get yourself registered at Astropaycard to buy and fund your card.
  2. Once you are successfully registered you will be asked to pick cards of different amount which ranges from 1700 to 34,600.
  3. After that choose the payment method from which you want to fund your card. You can choose popular Indian payment methods like Bank Transfer, Neteller and skrill.
Astropay Card

4. Your card will be emailed to you or you can see it in the Astropay card app. This virtual card is just like real one with 16 digit card number and cvv.

Note: The validity of card is 12 months from the date of issue.

Astropay Card India Charges

Besides having Safety and Security of payment Astropay India has other benifits too. As the transaction is done through Local Currency no Exchange Rates are applied on the transaction. Also the card does not include any kind of tax on the payments which makes it free from transfer fees too.

Users can safely make any transaction without attracting any kind of charges just like your normal bank card.

Astropay Card Apk

How do I deposit money in Astropay?

Important Things to Know about Astropay Card.

Minimum Deposit10$
Maximum Deposit1000$/transaction
Minimum Withdrawal$10
Maximum Withdrawal2000$/transaction
Deposit FeesFree
Withdrawal FeesFree
Time taken for deposit and withdrawalInstant

To deposit money via Astropay in the online gambling site you need to follow below steps:

  1. After you login in to the online gambling site, Proceed to deposit money option and click on Astropay as the deposit method.
  2. Select the amount you wish to deposit.
  3. Enter the Astropay Card details like the card number, cvv and expiry just like your normal debit or credit card.
  4. Click on deposit and your money will be deposited instantly.

Note: It is not advisable to use Astropay Card for withdrawing money from your gambling account. And You should use it for depositing money only.

Final Verdict

If You want to have a safe and secure payment without bearing those fees then there is no better then Astropay Card. We at gives a A rating to this website in the context of trust and security.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is Astropay?

Astropay is a virtual prepaid card which can be used to make payments in different international websites through local currencies.

Does Astropay work in India?

Yes, Astropay is completely legal and safe in India.

Is Astropay a Visa?

Yes, Astropay is a Visa Virtual Prepaid Card.

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