ALM VS KSS 16th July Dream11 For ECS Gothenburg, T10 Match Winner

Match Details

Date : Thursday, July 16, 2020

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Time : 06:30 PM 1ST.

Venue : Kviberg, Gothenburg


Despite some rain falling during the week, the pitch looks a good one to bat on. With no inconsistent bounce off the pitch, the batsmen have made full use of the conditions, although the pacers have also got the new ball to move around a bit. There hasn’t been much turn on offer for the spinners, something that the batsmen will be keen to make use of in this game.



Dinesh Adhikari, Vimal Palwankar, Rahul Ganju, Sidharth Rana, Sardar Sahak, Junaid Khan, Sabawoon Sherzad, Vikas Mittal, Arfat Tahir, Ranjan Samal, Ayaz Husain, Shakil Arshad, Raza Muradi, lmran Sabawoon, Sami Gujjar, Shiva Thever, Inderpal Singh, Dawood Aziz, Zaheer Qarebullah, Ankith Shah, Asif Meer, Abdul Sayed, Cameron Crowley, Sher Rahman, Afzal lbrahimkhail and Hamayun Babakhan


Niamatullah Musleh, Bashirullah Khan, Waheedullah Musleh, Nishad Ahmad, Akmal Popal, Abdullah Shinwari, Niyazwali Zargul, Ihsanullah Wafa, Ibrahim Zahiri, Khushhal Khawri, Khaled Jan Mohammed, Faridullah Khawri, Hafizullah Shinwari, Azim Shinwari and Sajid Kha



  • R Ganju, A Meer will open the innings for ALM. R Ganju has a good average of 23 but not has been in great form demoted last game scored 17 not out with D Adhikari opening who looked good before throwing wicket. While A Meer is a good all-round player having good hitting, also strike bowler.
  • R Tahir will bat at one down and is a very good player, he is a good player to have in the team due to his brilliant hitting abilities, does not bowl has an average of 19 in 9 games, and failed till now.
  • S Sahak, J Khan, A Shah, D Adhikari will handle the middle-order batting. Sahak is best if top-order fails and a good player to have hard-hitter also bowl. A Shah are an all-round player must have a player from their side, J Khan will finish inning known for quick-hitting at the end.
  • I Sabawoon, A Shah will be the opening bowler for them. Sabawoon is there strike bowler, D Aziz, I Meer will assist them and will look to support with 1-2 overs.


  • H Shinwari, I Wafa will open the innings for KSS. I Wafa must-have player experienced player also bowl and expected to bowl in death so must-have player, while H Shinwari also a good batsman can play attacking cricket and also 1-2 overs.
  • N Musleh will bat at one down and is a very good player, is a good player to have in the ALM vs KSS team will provide points through his keeping not consistant with batting.
  • B Khan, I Zahiri, A Popal, W Musleh, N Zargul handle the middle-order batting. I Zahiri is best if top-order fails and good players to have also bowl but not in every match. A Popal is an average batsman, not a great record, K Jan Mohd is hard hitter can also be promoted up the order, H Shinwari all-around player must have player from their side, known for quick-hitting at the end also bowl.
  • F Khawri, A Shinwari will be the opening bowler for them, both have a very good record and will also bowl in death S Khan, K Khawri will assist them and chip with 1-2 overs and get wickets.



Asif Meer Sardar Sahak Junaid Khan Ankit Shah


Ihsanullah Wafa Ibrahim Zahiri Faridullah khawri Niamatullah Musleh



D Adhikari, V Palwankar, R Ganju, S Sahak, A Tahir, J Khan, I Sabawoon, Z Qarebullah, I Singh, A Shah and A Meer


N Musleh, B Khan, W Musleh, N Zargul, I Wafa, I Zahiri, K Khawri, F Khawri, H Shinwari, K Jan and A Shinwari


S Sahak, A Meer, I Wafa

ALM VS KSS Dream11 team

ALM VS KSS Dream11 team

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