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Here’s A Risk Free Guide to Bet Almost Every Cricket Bet

We don’t know from where your inspiration for betting has arrived, but we know how to fulfill your expectations.

First of all, let’s see whether it’s legal to bet on cricket or not.  

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You may have heard people claiming that betting and things of similar nature are illegal.

The truth is – it isn’t illegal at all. You just need a little bit of knowledge to play it legally. There’s no law in India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh that restricts you from online betting.

All clear? Now, if you really want to stay away from the illegal methods. Read this post till the end. Whatever we’ve mentioned here is absolutely legal. Here’s what you’re going to learn.

  • How Odds Work in Cricket Betting
  • Understanding Cricket Formats
  • How Many Types of Cricket Bets Are There
  • What to Avoid
  • Some Safest Cricket Betting Sites
  • What About Deposit and Withdrawal
  • Few Terms That Make You A Real Punter

How Odds Work in Cricket Betting?

It’s necessary to understand how odds work in cricket betting. Without them, you may not bet well.

In betting, odds are used to measure the probability or winning chances of upcoming game. It regulates most of your betting actions and rewards. The concept of odds is pretty detailed. So, it’s better for you to understand this formula:

 (Probability) % = B/A+B X 100

Consider this figure to understand how odds work. Once you start betting, you will see odds like this.

Match 1 2
Gujrat Lions – Kolkata Knight Riders 1.72 = A 2.10 = B

Probability of Gujrat lions Victory = 45%

Probability of KKR Victory = 54%

The odds are indirectly proportional to your winning reward. If you choose high odds before betting, you get less rewards. The reason is – your chances of losing a bet reduce with higher probability. But still, it doesn’t mean you lose. Whatever odds you see before placing a bet are just estimations. You will have to use your own knowledge to stay fortunate.

Understanding Cricket Formats

Before understanding how cricket betting works, you must first know about the various cricket formats. Here’s a chart that illustrates three cricket formats.

Game Format Description
Limited Overs Cricket Such type of game typically consists of 40-50 overs and generally played in a single day.
T-20 Cricket T-20 is the modern form of cricket where both teams have just 20 overs to bat. Of course, the match takes a single day.  
First-Class Cricket In this format, each team has 2 innings. However, the match takes almost 4-5 days.

Note: Rules of the cricket are same for every format. Don’t get confused.

How Many Types of Cricket Bets Are There?

Yes, punters have found out various ways to place bets. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we’ve listed almost every type of bet for every player.   

Match Betting

Match betting is the most common form of betting. It’s a simple bet where you need to pick from 3 distinctive outcomes. Here’s what you may select:

  • Home team will win or not                          
  • Away team will win or not
  • Match will be drawn or not

The straightforwardness of the wager makes it popular among other types of cricket betting.

Completed Match

Completed match betting is suitable for one-day matches. If you believe that the game won’t complete in a single day because of weather or any other factor, you can place a bet.

Completed match betting is as simple as ‘yes’ and ‘no.’

Tied Match

Tied match betting is as same as match betting. You can even call it a sub category of it. In the tied match betting, you can bet on whether a match will be tied or not.

Innings Runs

The inning runs betting is all about prediction. You just need to find out how many words will be scored in the first innings of the match.

In many sportsbooks, you’ll get this bet as an under or over wager where you will decide whether the runs will be more or less than the number displayed by the sportsbook.

Top Bowler

The top bowler bet is about choosing the best bowler. If you believe that a particular player will get a certain number of wickets, then you can place a bet. If you can pick up the right option, you’ll receive a good payout from the sportsbook.

Top Batsman

In such betting, you bet on that batsman who achieves a high amount of score during the series or match. You can select your desired batsman from both teams. Although this type of betting is difficult to predict, it often results in higher payouts if you do it right.

Team of Top Batsman

It’s okay if you don’t want to pick up the top batsman. Here’s an alternative for you. Why don’t you choose team of the top batsman? In team of top batsman betting, you have to analyse players of both teams for better results.

Bowler Match Bets

Bowler match bets are easy to play. You will be given two bowlers to choose from. If you will be able to choose the one that takes most number of wickets in the series or match, you will win.

Batsman Match Bets

Batsman match bet is similar to the bowler match ones. You will be given two batsmen to choose from. If you will be able to choose the one that scores the most, you will win.

Tournament Outright Winner

In this wager, you will need to select a team out of other teams playing in the tournament. Your sportsbook will present a list, which consists names of all teams. Your work is to select that team which may win it all.

Series Winner

If you are not well versed with cricket, you probably don’t know that two teams don’t only play in a single match but also enter into a series of matches for multiple times. You can place a bet on that team which you think would rank on top at the end of the series.

Under or Over Score

In under or over score betting, sportsbooks show a total score that they think a particular team will gain at the end of series or match, your task is to judge whether their prediction is correct or not.

Sportsbook post a total score that they think a particular team will gain by the end of the series or match. Your work is to predict whether the team’s actual score will be over or under the given score. 

Series Score

In series score betting, you bet on the final score of the series. This final score is mostly given by your sportsbook.

Method of Dismissal

Method of dismissal is for live betters. In such betting, you’ll predict how the batsman would dismiss from the crease. There can be many outcomes like run out, LBW, caught, bowled, stumped, etc.

Win Toss

No, not every bet depends on the performance of the sportsmen. You can also bet either of the toss results at the beginning of match.

Toss Combination

Toss combination is an upgraded betting model of win toss betting. This betting isn’t only about winning the toss but also about the choice of the winning team. To win this bet, you should make sure that the combination of the toss should be correct.  

Odd or Even Runs

It’s one of the interesting bets of the cricket. You just need to decide whether a team will end up getting an odd or even number. Besides, you should also note that number zero is considered as an even number for such kind of bets.

Most Run Outs

In this betting, you have to decide which team will get the most runs out in a series or match.

Player of the Series or Man of the Match

In every type of cricket match, there exists a best player. Your work is to find that person.

What to Avoid

If you’re in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh – please make sure that you don’t place a bet in your own region. It’s 100% illegal to bet in these countries. Your friends may suggest you to bet offline but don’t fall in that trap.  

There’s no harm in playing on those sites that are based in those regions where it’s legal to gamble.   

Here Are Some Safest Cricket Betting Sites

Fortunately, there are many online betting sites from which you can choose. Here we’ve mentioned some of the excellent online cricket betting sites.

  • Betway
  • PB77
  • Dafabet
  • Bet365
  • 1xBet

We’ve already told almost everything about these sites. You can read from here.

What About Deposit and Withdrawal?

Many people believe that their credit/debit card would work for the deposit and the withdrawal may arrive directly to the bank. No, this is the WRONG approach!

Sometimes cards are declined on these sites. Neither you can deposit nor withdraw.

In such a case, e-wallet arrives as a hero. It’s a one-stop solution for all of your transaction needs. Most importantly, it works as an offline bank account. You can make an account and use it to withdraw and deposit funds to your betting account.

Although there are many e-wallet platforms where you can make an account, Skrill and Neteller are mostly used by punters.

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Few Terms That Makes You A Real Punter

  1. Dead Heat: It’s a situation where two or more than two winners exist in a single match.
  2. Draw No Bet: When there’s possibility of a draw in a test series, it’s said to be draw no bet.
  3. Lock: It’s that bet which you can win easily.
  4. Underdog: When a team is expected to lose a match, it’s called underdog.
  5. Value: Getting the best possible odds on a bet.

Here's A Risk Free Guide to Bet Almost Every Cricket Bet
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Here's A Risk Free Guide to Bet Almost Every Cricket Bet
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