5 Most Exciting Bowlers to Watch in IPL 2021

The IPL is slowly achieving a status similar to that of a national festival, per se. The entire country feels united by means of this one glorious sport, that seems like a perfect balance of cricket, fandom, adrenaline, and of course, entertainment.

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Be it professional bookmakers who make close calls and predictions after monitoring reviews of IPL betting sites at BetIndia.com, or the average Indian armchair expert who already know more cricket that can be possibly played by the 22 men on the field—the IPL has become a playing ground for predictions and estimations.


Unlike other cricket match prediction when it comes to the IPL, there is no concrete say in how a match may possibly turn around. One out-of-the-park six or one Yorker-rich over and the game turns on its head, as is experienced by a number of franchises over the course of the decade.

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Under the similar breath of Yorkers, it is a known fact that bowlers play a pivotal role in making or breaking matches, and they are rightfully awarded their purple cap for excellency in this regard considering how difficult it is to bowl in flat pitches that mostly favour batsmen. 

On that note, here are one of the most exciting bowlers to watch out for in the IPL 2021, and who might just turn out to be purple cap winners.

Imran Tahir 

With his high-flying run-up and bowling action as deceptive as his drifters, Imran Tahir is by far one of the most successful bowlers to step into IPL territory. Over the course of the past few editions of the IPL, Tahir has played his role as the strike bowler rather gloriously.

Possibly being the primary reason why CSK managed to win low-scoring matches while defending, at times with great margins, Tahir has been one of the most consistent in his department, not just in the IPL, but international cricket too. His success in the IPL is documented by his 26 dismissals in only a few matches last year—expect him to perform as greatly as he did in the previous edition, if not better. 

Kagiso Rabada

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Possibly an analogous fast bowling counterpart to the spinning genius of Tahir, Rabada is possibly one of the most dominating fast bowling youngsters to have stepped in Indian soil in this tournament. His international cricket stats are a fair instance to understand how great this youngster is capable of becoming.

Known as a formidable force to be reckoned with when it comes to test cricket, and possibly a contender to replace the current leader Pat Cummins in test cricket, Rabada somehow manages to swing an old white ball as if it were a new red counterpart. With a record of 25 dismissals in the last edition of the IPL, Rabada is truly one of the most deserving purple cap contenders. 

Yuzvendra Chahal 

A possible contender for Chanakya of Cricket, Chahal is possibly one of those bowlers who define “looks can be deceptive”—with his rather short stature and lean build, he can bowl deliveries that no one in the field can. With his googlies as deceptive as his stance, Chahal proves time and time again as to how effective he can turn out to be.

With massive amount of ball control and the plethora of variations, Chahal is by far one of the greatest spinners India has to offer. Moreover, his effectiveness as a fielder proves to be beneficial considering how important a factor fielding becomes in a limited-overs game. 

Harbhajan Singh 

Singh is by far one of the most evergreen cricketers the IPL has to offer, especially considering the span and decades across which he has played and managed to be similarly consistent. One of the pioneers of the doosra and the teesra, Singh has not only paved the way for modern Indian Spinners to be this effective, but has also participated in ways very few can imagine. With 16 wickets in the previous edition of the IPL, Harbhajan Singh plans on increasing these numbers manifold. 

Jasprit Bumrah 

One of the faces of modern India’s fast-paced, adrenaline-rich bowling, Bumrah is one of the leading contenders for the purple cap, at least when polls and fanbase is considered. With his pinpoint accuracy, the ability to bowl incessant Yorkers, and unfathomable pace, Bumrah is one of the most reliable bowlers in the IPL, having saved his team from a number of matches and close-calls by means of sheer talent and precision, Bumrah is going to be one of the biggest assets for his team in the IPL.

Now that he is back from injury and knocking down wickets in the nets, expect him to do the same thing a few months from now, during the course of IPL 2021.

In Conclusion 

No matter which bowler turns out to be the winner of the purple cap, it is important to enjoy all the games to the fullest. As an ardent cricket fan and a member of the audience, one should cheer for their team as blaringly as possible.

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