Scam Alert | 4rabet is a Big scam | 4rabet Review India 2021

Don’t Believe me? Here we will expose 4rabet, a scam online betting site which does not allow you to withdraw your winnings.

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After reading this 4rabet Review India 2021 I am sure you won’t think of using this website. I am giving this review from my personal experience, So let’s get started.

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What is 4rabet?

This 4rabet Review India explains 4rabet as an unlicensed betting site hosted by a group of individuals of India. They allow Account openings, verification and deposit but when you request for withdrawals, it gets rejected.

4rabet review India

The identity of the owner is unknown and the website is indulge in fraudent activities. Many reviewers and users have claimed that this website is an absolute waste. Its completely worthless.

4rabet Scam or not?

4rabet Review India explains 4rabet as the biggest scam in the online betting industry. 4rabet forfeits all the winnings and deposited amount and make a huge profit from that. They mainly invest their money on the promotion methods. They mainly promote their website through Instagram and youtube.

In Instagram, many website promoters will encourage you to make a bet through 4rabet, but we deeply urge every reader not to listen to any of them. Report their account or block them they are a big scammer.

4rabet promotes its website through youtube. Youtubers having a lot of subscribers are paid for promoting 4rabet and the subscribers of the channel invest in 4rabet by listening to the YouTuber because of its subscribers.

4rabet Deposit Scam

In this 4rabet Review India, 4rabet allows Deposit through Paytm, Neteller and Skrill. Problem faced during deposit:-

  1. Many users have faced the problem that after depositing money through any of the methods, the deposit does not reflects into their account. It says that the amount will be transferred within a specified time, but the truth is that the amount is never transferred.
  2. If by chance the amount is transferred in the betting account it says transfer more money to place a bet. For example:- If you deposited Rs 300, they will tell to place a bet, the minimum amount required is Rs 500. If you deposit 500 they will tell rs 800.
  3. Users some times faced a problem that as soon as the amount is deposited their account gets banned or gets closed. There is no one to hear you out.

4rabet Betting Scam

In this 4rabet Review India, we will tell you about the problems faced while placing a bet:-

  1. The website is very down. Online betting is a crucial method of betting and requires a speedy website to place a bet on the preferred odds, but this website is very slow which gets down now and then.
  2. After placing a bet if the team wins in which you have staked, the winning either doesn’t reflect into your account or says you have lost the bet.

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4rabet Withdraw Scam

4rabet withdrawal scam

In this 4rabet Review India, we will explain about the problems faced while withdrawing:-

  1. While withdrawing the money out of your 4rabet account they will say to verify your account but the truth is actually it never gets verified.
  2. One of the problems faced during 4rabet withdrawal is users while applying for withdrawals gets rejected every time they apply without any stated reason.
  3. 4rabet after accepting the withdrawals never pays to any of the withdrawal methods. The amount gets deducted from the account but gets never transferred anywhere.
  4. 4rabet blocks your account after you request them for withdrawal.

There are 25% or even less users who are get paid through 4rabet.

4rabet Contact support

  1. Instagram
  2. Telegram
  3. 8 (800) 301-77-89
  4. Twitter

All the given contact Information in this 4rabet Review India are tried by us and we get no response through them.

We strongly recommend the readers of this 4rabet review India to report their accounts everywhere and don’t play on such fraud websites not only you will lose your money but also you won’t be able to trust any of the other websites.

Do comment you views regarding the site and share your personal experience and tell us about your favourite online betting site on the comment section below.

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