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15 Habits Of Successful Punters (No#15 will socked you )

If you want to stay long in the field of betting you need to  win and win . There are no second option to stay long .

But to  win every match is possible  ?

Answer is  BIG NO.

But again the question is ” Can we stay long in betting even if we can’t win every match ?’


But How ?

To be a successful punters .

But the million dollars question is “How to be a successful punter?”

Calm Down my friend . I will tell you how to become your own hero in betting and stay in big profit .

Just keep on Reading ….

In this 5 minute post I will teach you :

1.How to achieve maximum profit in short term .
2.How to be a successful punters ?
3.How to get rid of your bad habits ( I am talking about betting ,not about your personal life)
4.Secret To win every series ( NO one can win every match . But if you follow my step by step guide You can every series .)
5.And a lot more…
Watch in slides …..

so first thing first ,Here is million dollar post

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Habit No#1  They play in Limit .

This is not a interesting thing .But in real life it  works like crazy .Believe my guys If you play each match in same limit than you need to win only 6 match out of 10 to get profit .

And I don’t think 60% accuracy is a big deal. In February and march 2016 I play each match in limit and get a profit of 21X and 9X after month  but in April ( at the time of IPL 2016) I don’t care about limit and I lost 14X .

Habit N#2 They track everything  .

This is time consuming task .But if you want to improve after each match you need to track everything .

Everything like what cause you lose in particular ,what cause you win . What you learn from that match  ,records of that match ,your bat etc .

I personally track each thing and this is the reason I have so much stats .If you track everything you may find what works for you .

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Habit N#3 . They follow stats .

Men tell lie ,Women tell lie but stats always speak truth . So each time Go against anything but never go against stats .

Stats(records) are the big thing . We share each match ground records , player stats ,head to head records for each match.  If you don’t follow us No problem .

But if you are not following stats than you are leaving money at table . ( I mean to say you are wasting your money in betting .)

Habits N#4  They avoid and block each fake tippers .

If you have bad Friends than you don’t need enemy .Same in cricket betting If you are following fake tipper than no-one can make you win .

But the main problem is How to recognize fake tippers ?

Chill and just keep on reading ..

I have already share 10 signs of fake tippers and fake betting websites .

Make sure you have read  that million dollar post and find out fake people in your contact list , in your whats app and in your face book .

Once you find than take action and block all of them . Block every fake tipping website.No matter they are old or new .

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15 Habits of Succesful Punters 

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Habit n#5 They must book set below 20 P.

If you are brave in your life ,It’s O.K But in betting make sense and must book set  once you gained 70% profit .

This way you will able to take another entry in same match in case of match reverts . Even if you team lose you will be in plus .

Remember “Add small into small and make it large

Habit N#6: They believe in trade .

If you trade You will be in profit in 80% match . I guarantee for it. Trading is simple but need patience .

Keep calm and win every match.

Habit#6 Play selected series .

Above I have mentioned that I will give you a secret to win every series (Once again you can’t win every match) but now you are going to learn how to win every series .

How you can win in each series ?

Simple question and simple answer .

By playing selected series .

I have some of my paid members who play only in IPL .Some in big bash .Some in Only T20 .

I praise them for it . Because of this habit they win every series they play .

The reason  behind it they have good knowledge of that particular series .Their all focus for only one type match or series so they win most of them .

This is the thing I learnt from punters . After learning this I have stopped to giving tips on all test matches , non live matches ,women matches ,u19 matches ,A team matches .

Nowadays I only give tips for international odi ,t20 and some domestic series like big bash ,IPL  and CPL .

Habit N#7 They follow only one tipper at a time and completely ignore all tippers .

This is a big one .If you follow many tipper for a single match than you will not  decide that on which team you should bet

You will get confused and your bookie will loot your all money .

So simple follow one ( or maximum three  ) old and gold tipper at time . I advice to completely ignore new tipper.

Because they don’t have knowledge how the thing works in Betting  .

Habit No#8:  Never be a bookie and punter same time .

This one I got from one of bookie . If you doing double business you may lose lion share .

If you think Bookmaking is not working for you . Leave it completely and only focus on punting .

Habit N#9 Complete your homework before start any match :

Remember your school days  . What if you didn’t complete your home work ?
Your teacher scold you .

Same happened in betting .

But what the fu_k  is homework in betting ?

Relax and just focus on reading …..

Here are list of home work in betting .

a. Make your phone fully charged .
b.Make sure you have good Internet connection .
c.Your all calculation related to match and session are complete .
d.you have full stats of ground and players .

Complete all the task before match.

Habit N#10 . Don’t Fear To take risk .

The biggest risk in life is not to take any risk .

Are you taking risk ?

If your answer is NO than change your habit right now .

Play fun bet .Play non fav team when stats favour them.

Habit N#11 Play with bookie  .

Don’t play with friends  .Because it may breaks your friendship .If you can play on online like bet365 and bet fair than it may be better .

I am not sure but If you belongs from Asam than playing with bet365 is legal . You can also play with dream11 as this is totally legal .

Habits N#12 They don’t greed .

Have you not read the story of Golden egg? If not watch the short video

Greed is the biggest enemy of human . Keep hundreds feet distance from greed . You will be happy person if you are not greedy  .

If you are a happy punter  then you will become successful punter automatically.

Habits N#13 Don’t blame any tipper for your loss ( or for your profit too)

You are the Creator of your life . The works you are doing today will define your tomorrow.

Don;t blame god or luck if you lose . Keep calm and learn from your mistake . Don’t repeat the mistake again in your life

Habits No#14 They remain same in loss and profit .

What does this mean?

I have many punter who play by double limit if they lose . They also play double limit if they win .

If you don’t the same than STOP THIS.

Whether you win or loss ,you must remain same in each condition .

I will repeat same limit same line
Play each match by same limit .

Habit N#15 :  They don’t believe in fuc_ing reports :

Who is the Creator of those reports ? Who is the owner of reports ? Are player fixed the match or bookie or team manager ? If yes than how the tipper get reports ?

O.K If they have report than why are they selling the reports ? What will you do if you got a report directly from M.S.dhoni ? Will you sell it for 5000 or 10000 or you will play your own property and will fly  to aboard after winning .

I will do second thing . There is no need to collect coins if we have big $$$ .

So never believe on this fixed tips . They are the weapon of making you fool so that they can get your money .

Here is video of this post in Hindi :

Now It’s you turn :

I have shared what I know .Now please share what you know about being successful punters .

Don’t just read and forget . Take action if you REALLY deserve to making money .

There are 2 types of  people in the world .Talker and Doer .

Talker who  only talks about and Doer who take action .

Now which type of person you are ?